A Dream Void of Taste, Feel, or Smell

I had a dream last night. A frightening dream. It was nighttime and the earth was scorched. I stood on a hill, at a ledge with a view of the horizon; although it was too dark to see anything clearly. At the corner of my eye, a man watched me with a vacant expression, or perhaps it was a woman? She was sitting on a rough looking bike, something out of a Mad Max movie.

As I was staring at this person I saw two glowing eyes shining behind her in the distance. There was a dark silhouette underneath the eyes, like a large robotic body taller than any building I had ever seen.

There was also, no smell, no taste, no feel – only emotion. Like it usually is when I dream. And my emotion was utter despair, for the eyes turned towards me and with an ominous humming sound, a bright yellow beam went towards me, creating an ark so that it destroyed anything around me.

I hid behind a boulder but the laser pierced parts of it and burned my ankles. Again, I didn’t feel any pain. Only fear. The person on the bike seemed unaffected by the beam as she kept staring vacantly at me. I crouched on the ground and pressed my hands against my head and reverberated: Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up.

And so I opened my eyes, lying in bed with drool on my pillow. But somehow, my heart was not racing as if I knew that it was a dream all along, and something I knew I could escape from.

This is actually a true story. It is remarkable when you can remember your dream so clearly even now, several days afterwards. What was even more remarkable was the level of control I had. I really did consciously make a decision to wake up, and then I did. I guess that is what you call a lucid dream.

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