It started out as a bet, do I dare make a blog about myself?

It was a surprisingly hard decision to make, there are a lot of shady people on the internet, after all.

But I came through and now I love it, sort of.

I think it’s important that you get stuff out there, not because you might get discovered.

a ‘like’ means a lot, for some reason.

It’s important because then it’s not just me

You’re not alone.

That’s why I keep doing it, for the recognition


I am fiction writer who leans towards fantasy and horror but I like to dabble in other genres as well – whatever flights my fancy.

Sadly, I haven’t grown up just yet so my stories are a bit weird.

I like to observe our reality and I probably spend top much time watching than I should be writing.

I’m all about world-building. Putting people in interesting situations and letting the story reveal itself on its own. I wish it was that easy. Being mean to my characters helps but all authors are sadists and liars and truth seekers to some capacity so that makes it alright.

If you’d like you can find me on Twitter or Facebook and we can talk about our various malfunctions.