I started in 2017 in the hopes to help myself and others in their writer’s journey

Having somebody to write to is important, it’s like journaling, it’s healthy for the soul and practical too! You come to realize things when you write for somebody else, trying to explain. I believe writing is a personal journey and ultimately a lonely one, but I think we can feel less lonely if we write about it. I’m not here to give advice, in fact, my only advice would be not to listen to them.

Though, maybe listen to some of the masters, like Neil Gaiman or Hemingway or Diana Jones because they are, after all, the best at what they do.

I began by writing short stories and poems, which is a lot of fun, and I suppose it’s the best kind of content when you write for a blog. But as any writer out there, we have big ideas, and big ideas demands a novel! You can’t learn how to write novels by writing short fiction, you just can’t, they are entirely different.

A good thing about short fiction, though, is that it tickles the imagination and lets you find out if writing is for you.

Writing on this blog have helped me realize many things and I hope that you’ll learn something too and that you’ll join me in my writer’s journey and share in your own experience and maybe one day we’ll have that novel published, and the next and the third…


I am fiction writer who leans towards fantasy and horror but I like to dabble in other genres as well – whatever flights my fancy.

Sadly, I haven’t grown up in an abusive household, seen war or any other manner of terribleness so I can’t be one of the great authors of our time! But at least I’m what I like to call Passionately Imaginative.

I see beauty in everything and I spend too much time thinking about stories that I’ll never finish.

I’m all about world-building. Putting people in interesting situations and let the story reveal itself organically. Although, it’s rarely that easy. Being mean to my characters help and even though I feel bad about it afterwards I can take comfort in that all authors are sadists and liars to some capacity so that makes it alright.

If you’d like you can find me on Twitter or Facebook and we can talk about our various malfunctions.