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I am fiction writer who leans towards fantasy and horror, but who knows what my inclinations will lead me down the road. I’m not an emotional man and I’ve not lived a dramatic life which I can flow into my writing, but I’m a passionately imaginative man who sees beauty in everyday life and spends too much time in my own head.

Instead, I enjoy creating mystery, fantastical worlds and create questions of philosophy. Hopefully, this makes up for my shortcomings in life experience.

My first thought that ever comes to mind when writing a new story is not characters or where the story will lead, but what interesting scenery and life questions can I create from it; In short, my writing is about putting people in situations and let their character grow from there.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a particularly skilled writer, but I’m a polymath, and, if anything else, you’ll (hopefully) take with you something interesting from my stories.

Authors Bio – I Got a Little Bit

(Sorry, this is just for archive purposes, I’m changing my bio, yet again!)

Christopher is a fiction novelist who writes in the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genre.

Writing is not something that comes naturally, I can attest to that. If writing is your destiny – your talent – then why must you make a conscious decision to do so?

Writing isn’t easy, and at a young age, we seek what is easy, thus we don’t write.

But as long as you do things in life because you find them interesting, you will sooner or later stumble upon what you were meant to do. It might take longer than others, to find your passion. You may have written all your life, you may have started writing in your adult years or even elder years. You may regret not starting earlier and cursed your youth spent unproductive.

Nobody can say with utmost certain that your timing was right, but we can sure believe it was. It is healthier to do so, to have faith in oneself and believe in your pasts actions because it is the only certainty that we have – what happened in the past. The future is always uncertain and I can only be glad that I’ve spent the time that I did on writing. Two years is not a long time and I’m very much still a novice. I don’t know what I should be doing in the future, expect the very act of telling stories in one form or another. Hence, I write poetry and flash fiction; working novel sized fantasy and sci-fi short stories; I blog and I write fan fictions. I’ve also recently picked up drawing and I’m considering translation to earn my upkeep – substitute teaching being my only source of income at the moment.

It’s clear that I haven’t found my foundation yet, spreading my wings wherever I can reach. Trying everything and anything in the hopes that it might work out. It’s not a bad strategy, to be honest, not when you have no idea what you’re doing.

Should I focus solely on my trilogy “Book of Legacy” or should I build a reputation first with shorter works? I don’t know. What is clear, however, is that I have stories to tell and opinions to share. One of these days I’ll get something out there and it will no doubt be pretty bad. But, it’s true as they say, you got to dare to write badly before you can write well in the future.

Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by and I hope my writing will entice you to stay!

Chilly Night Poem – Query

In the last story I made a lot of changes from the original to make sure it made sense, but now I’m curious, which one do you prefer? The last one, or, this one:

Look through the midnight winter

and the frost beyond your view.

Raise your hand in enjoyment,

we’ll have another victim soon.


Light the candle on the windshield,

show them we are home.

The gates are open

and we’ll greet them with warmth.


Their steps echo hollow in this empty house.

Nowhere to go, might as well stay the night.


They search the house, to find it abandoned.

Nothing have lived here, for centuries untold.


They don’t believe in ghost and creatures of the night.

Find the place comfortable enough,

it beats the air this chilly night.


We watch them sleep sweetly together on a makeshift bed.

The masters bedroom is upstairs,

even mortals have a sense to leave it alone,

even under threat.


They sleep through the night, everything was fine.

But as the hands of wakening,

they found something not right.

The healthy colour which normal humans shine,

was absent on her mate, his eyes cold as night.

Her scream echoed in the dusty halls.

She awoke the master.

Now she could never leave,

her mate her soul had been.

This version doesn’t rhyme as well and is written in the perspective of someone/something  observing the couple. I’m asking because I kinda like both.

About My Site

I’ve always pondered about life, about the choices we make, how society is run, how the world is; and I express these thoughts through poetry and stories. I cannot promise you answers, for the truth is highly personal, whether factually correct or not.

We see what we want to see, and that’s okay, for the world was imagined by someone. The world is a product of our imagination. We live like we do because someone imagined it. Why shouldn’t you be able to imagine your own life and see where it takes you? It’s all the same. Although, people will call you strange for doing so. We are in control of our lives and we can do what we want, is what I believe.

This is my truth and I hope you’ll find this to be yours as well.

In any case, I’m glad you stopped by, and if there are any questions you want to ask me or just want to say “hi”, feel free to do so on my social media pages on Twitter and Facebook or comment on any of my posts.

Those who seek Greatness

People are not created equal. Some born earlier than others, some with a head start to greatness. Such people can be found as they are the fast learners, the ones that knows certain things by heart. 

They have done this before, they know what needs to be done. And so, they move ahead of us, in death. When death comes, the mind doesn’t simply start over but gives such a person a head start in their new life, by which to find themselves.

This cycle repeats until, the fateful day, when all is clear and they are ready to take on the world stage. They have become what they were supposed to be. Having lived countless lives to find themselves. 

They became one of the few greats that will be remembered in history.

Humans Can Do Anything

Today we have every tool imaginable to do virtually anything. All the resources we can think of to accomplish greatness. That is why we now reach towards the stars, the ultimate frontier.

“We do it not because it is easy, but because it is hard”


The same can be said of the ancients. They, with their limits in knowledge and tools, accomplish great feats that still baffles scientists today. We are unable to comprehend their iniquity because the ancients had to work within their limitations. We cannot phantom how they performed brain surgery in bronze age England or how they were able to constructed pyramids with mere stone tools in Latin America; because we are unable to think outside the things we take for granted. Something that took them hundreds or thousands of years to develop, to refine, until they were able to do the things we can do in weeks. Given enough time, humans can do almost anything.

And when we are unable to comprehend, we give credit to aliens, to giants, to gods, because surely, there is limitation to what humans can do?


Amazing song, though I don’t really know what the difference between a song and a poem is (unless there is a melody included). The prose flow perfectly and I could see this kind of writing being used in a fictional text.

Poetry has no set form, after all, and I cannot help but be smitten by this piece.

Sarah Doughty

Photo credit @lavenlay.

“In a pool of infinite darkness
called life, don’t fear that light
glowing beneath surface.”

I am more than micro-tales of love or unbearable heartache. I am more than just pretty pictures with shallow words on crinkled paper. I’m not afraid to delve deeper into the human condition and come out the other side feeling that I made some level of connection with the harsh realities of this world. I’m not deterred by unseen, unfeeling, and listless eyes, searching elsewhere for little bits of romanticized half-truths or incomplete thoughts. I’m not burdened with the need to be someone I’m not, but instead choose to show my vulnerabilities and wear my heavy burdens for the world just so others can see they aren’t alone. I am not intimidated by those that choose the easy path, and instead embrace those that devour the depths of my daydreams and…

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