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A Dream Void of Taste, Feel, or Smell

I had a dream last night. A frightening dream. It was nighttime and the earth was scorched. I stood on a hill, at a ledge with a view of the horizon; although it was too dark to see anything clearly. At the corner of… Continue Reading “A Dream Void of Taste, Feel, or Smell”

Nightmare Stories – Poem

Every night they haunted me Stories that didn’t exist Stories that I refused to make That was trapped inside my mind Only at night did their powers awaken * With control over my body, they made me walk the night Scream the night Never… Continue Reading “Nightmare Stories – Poem”

Land of Dreams – Very Short Story 

Yet another short story has been spawned from the depths of my subconscious. I hope that you will enjoy. From the cauldron the beast kept rising, like a dragon spawning from the underworld. With all his strength he held tightly around its neck, trying… Continue Reading “Land of Dreams – Very Short Story “

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