A Dream Void of Taste, Feel, or Smell

I had a dream last night. A frightening dream. It was nighttime and the earth was scorched. I stood on a hill, at a ledge with a view of the horizon; although it was too dark to see anything clearly. At the corner of my eye, a man watched me with a vacant expression, or perhaps it was a woman? She was sitting on a rough looking bike, something out of a Mad Max movie.

As I was staring at this person I saw two glowing eyes shining behind her in the distance. There was a dark silhouette underneath the eyes, like a large robotic body taller than any building I had ever seen.

There was also, no smell, no taste, no feel – only emotion. Like it usually is when I dream. And my emotion was utter despair, for the eyes turned towards me and with an ominous humming sound, a bright yellow beam went towards me, creating an ark so that it destroyed anything around me.

I hid behind a boulder but the laser pierced parts of it and burned my ankles. Again, I didn’t feel any pain. Only fear. The person on the bike seemed unaffected by the beam as she kept staring vacantly at me. I crouched on the ground and pressed my hands against my head and reverberated: Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up.

And so I opened my eyes, lying in bed with drool on my pillow. But somehow, my heart was not racing as if I knew that it was a dream all along, and something I knew I could escape from.

This is actually a true story. It is remarkable when you can remember your dream so clearly even now, several days afterwards. What was even more remarkable was the level of control I had. I really did consciously make a decision to wake up, and then I did. I guess that is what you call a lucid dream.

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Nightmare Stories – Poem

Every night they haunted me

Stories that didn’t exist

Stories that I refused to make

That was trapped inside my mind

Only at night did their powers awaken


With control over my body,

they made me walk the night

Scream the night

Never giving me rest

Only when I finally wrote them into existence

Sealing them in ink and paper

Did they vanish from my dreams

Giving space for new ones

New stories to be made

Land of Dreams – Very Short Story 

Yet another short story has been spawned from the depths of my subconscious. I hope that you will enjoy.

From the cauldron the beast kept rising, like a dragon spawning from the underworld. With all his strength he held tightly around its neck, trying to prevent its continued rise. As the gap of the cauldron began to expand, releasing even more of the beasts giant body, he realised the futility in his struggle and released the creature from his grip. With a dash he ran into what started as a void, but then arose into a land that he did not recognise. 

There were great forests and mountains, castles and lakes. As he stared into the unknown, the beast’s long neck crawled under his legs and its face rose in front of him. The beast opened its large jaws and presented the teeth inside. In a quick and terrified motion he tried to push the beast away. But with the simple push, he lost his gripping and instead fell into the ever expanding gap of the cauldron.

His voice echoed in the darkness as he fell, forever it seemed. With a loud thump he landed on his back and, to his surprise, a blanked wrapped around his body, and a bed next to him. Despite this realisation, fear still dwelled in his heart and it refused to settle down. Through the window the moon illuminated parts of the room. He stared at the light source, the only one available, until his breathing finally slowed; he drew a sigh of relief. 

He returns to his bed, however still skeptical that he is safe, he glances at the darkness in the corner of his room, that the moon fail to illuminate. But as exhaustion overcame him he is send back, into the land which he was expelled from, to the land of dreams.