Secrets of Old – Poem

In a cave lay hidden

The secrets of old

Our life drawn from its roots

And our being grown from its trunks

We are the mystics of nature

Descendants of a singular emotion

Stored deep within the mold

But unity has embraced us

We no longer need to follow its creed

yet our hatred will never vain

As we grow into the hold


Art by ChrisCold

Rejected by Society – Poem


Interests should be few and far between

Society demands

But the world cannot be understood

From one school of thought

Or a single study

But a multitude of ideas

Shared and expressed through time

In essence,

We see the world through the eyes of the few

Yet, experiences it through the eyes of the many

Thoughts made by those free of conflict

We want to be remembered


Demonic Justice – Poem

Demons entered our being
Destroyed our minds
But what we failed to realise
Was destruction had a purpose
With fear lies courage
The demons are a godsend

Art done by ChrisCold

Beastly Gnarls – Poem

Gnarled are the trunks
That rips apart
Fighting for our survival
With fear in our hearts

Art by: ChrisCold

Dead by Heart – Poem

Go deep inside your mind

And let it be empty

Find your own answers

Your goal is set

You know what needs to be done

But something keeps you from doing it




These are your enemy

You battle them when you don’t think

When you do nothing

You need to

Otherwise the enemy will take you over

Turning your life into a downwards spiral of mediocrity

Of predictability

And unfullfilment

A creative,

Dead by heart

I’m Back!

To anyone who cares, sorry for having been away for a while. I’ve been in a mental drought lately and I think I know why.

Whenever I wrote a story it was often without a strategy or a plan and I just dove right into it. In other words, I didn’t know what I was doing.

But after some reflection and research, I found there are two essential things one should consider before beginning your story; (1) You need a clear backstory to develop your character’s motives and; (2) you need to have a clear problem which your protagonist want to solve from the beginning. In essence, if your beginnings don’t make sense your endings won’t either.

So, knowing this, I developed my own approach; (1) when I get the idea I write a very rough draft with as few details as possible and; (2) then I ask myself the why, what and how questions to create substance; (3) Then I edit and rework the story until I’m satisfied.

Having this structure and strategy have been immensely helpful to lean on and I feel that I can start working on my projects again. Hence, I’ll finish a story that has been incomplete for a looong time, the sci-fi story, “Colony Sane”.

Because of my now found focus, however, there won’t be as much poetry posted here as it used to, but I’ll definitely continuing posting some once in a while.

Again, to anyone who cares, thank you for sticking by and I promise to fill this site with quality writing once again.

Those who seek Greatness

People are not created equal. Some born earlier than others, some with a head start to greatness. Such people can be found as they are the fast learners, the ones that knows certain things by heart. 

They have done this before, they know what needs to be done. And so, they move ahead of us, in death. When death comes, the mind doesn’t simply start over but gives such a person a head start in their new life, by which to find themselves.

This cycle repeats until, the fateful day, when all is clear and they are ready to take on the world stage. They have become what they were supposed to be. Having lived countless lives to find themselves. 

They became one of the few greats that will be remembered in history.

Peaks Below – Poem

In the deepest chasms

At the highest peak

Where neither here nor there

Up or down

I shall seek

God of Truth – Very Short Story

Step by step he climbed the stone stairs that reached towards the heavens; blocks forged by an unknown maker – an unknown civilization – in the Latin American jungle. Taking a breath to rest, James marveled at the precision the blocks had been placed. Without cement, or anything else to bind the structure together, they have managed to build something to stand the test of time. It was truly doing more with less; creativity fueled by limitation.

How they were able to build such magnificent structures with simple stone tools was simply baffling. As he stroke the stone blocks that had turned green after centuries of neglect, James felt the sun’s warming rays on his neck as it rose above the trees.

It was another day, another opportunity to unearth the mysterious of this place. For so many years they’d believed the Aztecs and the Mayans were the creators of the pyramids, when in reality, there was another people predating them both – the architects of the entire Mesoamerican world.

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