New Theme!

You may or may not have noticed I’ve made changes to my website. It’s so hard finding the right theme for writers because we don’t care about pictures, do we?

I want to spend as little time on the websites design as possible so I settled with this minimalist one. I never click on articles or posts because of the picture anyway and feel like if you are a follower of mine, you feel the same.

Anyway, I just wanted to announce it, make it official. I changed the About page too so if you haven’t give it a read.

Learn how to write Novels

My last Blog Update was terrible and I’m rectifying it now...

This has been a particularly long Hiatus and I think I should explain what I have been up to for the last 8 months: Flash Fiction is a hobby of mine, it gives me pleasure to handle such a small text and it gives me an opportunity to improve my writing and to be truly creative. Flash Fiction works very well for experimentation on style; explore scenes and characters and I will probably never stop writing them. But, as I found, writing snippets of stories doesn’t make you any good writing novels.

A year ago, I dove into a story (aiming for a novel) without a plan, hoping I’ll be led along this broken tale with no direction – the same strategy I’ve been going for with my Flash Fictions. Though this is a good thing when drafting, this is not advisable when trying to polish a story. Write the draft down, then write it again and again, never commit to a scene until you have worked out as much as you are able! That is what I’ve learned. You’ll undoubtedly make changes along the way, either way, that’s unavoidable, but hopefully, you’ve created a solid foundation to build on at that point.

I knew this on a surface level long ago, but it takes practice, and many mistakes, to fully understand the craft. I’m not saying I know how to write novels now but I am confident that I know enough to put some time into my short fictions again.

I will not make any promises, however, because I know I am not a creature of habits. I might post two stories one week or none at all in another. At least you can be certain that I’m working on them and hopefully you’ll stick around to read them.

Knowing that at least somebody reads my stories gives me enormous satisfaction.

Thank you for existing.

Time To get Back

It’s about time I posted regularly on the site again. I haven’t been idle, this past 9 months. I’ve been working on a novel (in Swedish) and I was hoping to finish it before I started writing flash fiction again. But, nothing ever goes as planned. I’ve gone back and forth with my tale, continuing to polish it until it’s a precious gem.

I couldn’t tell you how far I am with the story, but I’ll continue as long as is necessary. I am improving along the way and that’s what matters

Hopefully the next story will go much smoother…


My Fruits Work – Prologue

I’m sorry for being away for so long, (if anyone indeed cares) but the novel I’m working on is taking up all of my time. It is my very first novel size project and I find that I’m doing so many mistakes but it is, nonetheless, a learning experience!

I’m going on a conference in Stockholm in April where I’ll have my first five pages evaluated and I’ve entered part of the introductory chapter to a contest, so I only think it’s fair that you atleast get to read the prologue of my fruits work.




Across the field of golden wheat, a woman walked a path separating the land of her neighbour from her own. Her heart was heavy as she lumbered towards the end of the meadow and at the edge of the forest. She stared into the woods where no light reached, where the trees grew dense and the branches curled into each other. And for a moment, she stood there, listening, hesitating. She heard voices calling in the distance, from the glades to the east and the rapids to the west, and even back at the village to the south.

“Johan… Johan!” They called.

She quirked her mouth, knowing that their calls were in vain for she knew there could be only one place her boy had headed. How many times hadn’t she told Johan to avoid these woods? Too many, and that may be why he’d felt enticed to go there. A flash of guilt washed over her, making her groan from the possibility that it was her own fault her son was gone. But she soon straightened her back and stared into the blackness, steeling herself for what she might face. 

She swallowed and stepped into the woods.

The further she went, the darker it became, until the light at her back utterly vanished and there was only her and the forest. If she hadn’t known that she was but a few paces in, she might have assumed she was miles away from the meadow. Now a fair distance inside, as far as she was comfortable going, she drew breath and called for her son. But her voice came out weakly, and she tried again, and again, each time louder than the next.

But there was no telling how far her voice would travel in the densely grown woods and after a while, with no response, she perked her ears and listened. Then, she heard a twig break, leaves rustling, and she froze as whatever was out there, came closer. Cold sweat trickled down her back and she glanced behind and considered running away. But she was already determined to face what was out there, and she stayed her ground.

With her hands trembling, and a scream ready to be shout, she only managed a small whimper as a boy emerged from the leaves. She fell backwards, her heart racing, and the boy, never acknowledging her, walked passed without stopping. She stared wide-eyed as the boy disappeared once more into the darkness, and as she collected herself, she whispered. “Johan?”

Then she stood, and hurried after him, catching him in her arms. It was her boy, wasn’t it? But his body, it was stiff and his eyes were wide and vacant. As she clung to him, his body slowly became limp and warmth returned to his gaze.



The streets were empty as she and her husband hugged the wall of their house, seeing but a few faint lights from windows further down the road. Scanning the street for any movement, she corrected her grasp on her boy that slept in her arms and then looked at her husband. He nodded and they hurried out of sight. There was no road where they were heading, none that had been used in ages, for the path was one that only desperate people took. 

“Are you sure this is for the best?” Her husband said, now a fair distance from the village.

“It’s the only way,” she said, looking at the boy who slept soundly. “I won’t let it have him, not now, not ever.”

Her husband nodded softly and placed his arm around her. They walked leisurely down the path until they came upon rubble of bricks and mouldy wood. They walked around it and treaded as quietly as they could. She saw her husband glance nervously round the ruins of the ancient town which normal people avoided. She stopped at a tower that stood tall with the full moon partly covered behind it.   

Her husband tried to enter first but she stood in his way.

“They’ll only listen to me,” she said.

He gave a worried look. “Let me at least carry him up the stairs.”
She smiled and kissed him on the mouth and headed into the tower before he had time to protest. The tower smelt musky with age and each step creaked dangerously as she ascended alone to the top. She took every step with care, feeling the wood before putting her whole weight on it. On the top, the moon shone through the glassless window that peered over the landscape. A box rested near the window and she laid her boy softly beside it. She closed her eyes and whispered. “Jerros, Farie; Jerros Farie,” repeatedly.

After a while, a presence was known to her and she listened.

She chose her words carefully as her lips moved but her voice was silent, and then, she rose; carrying her son back down the tower where her husband waited.

It was the crack of dawn and she handed the boy back to him.

She did not return with them.

© Christopher Stamfors

Project in the making

The greatest sin a writer can make is talking about what they are working on, for announcing it means that the universe will do whatever it can to not make it happen, at least that’s my experience.

It’s even more important to not talk about your projects when they are in the drafting stage as that’s when the project is the most vulnerable. Even so, I’m inclined to tell you I’m working on “something” and the goal is that the first draft will be finished before new years, which is why I haven’t posted much these couple of weeks.

Hope you’re all having a splendid December and hopefully I’ll have something more to post before Decembers end.



Niume Blog – Fictional Post

Most of you probably don’t know this, but I have a blog on Niume where I experiment with different kinds of blog post that I don’t want on this site. Book of Legacy should be all about stories and poetry, so that’s how its going to stay.

That said, I posted a new blog post recently which is a fictional post of my thoughts about the future. I would be much obliged if you checked it out and told me what you thought of it.


Progress or Regress: Humanity at a Crossroad


It’s Finally Done!

In a world without dwarfs, orcs or elves, you will find a unique and sprawling fantasy universe filled with conflict, mystery and intrigue. 

The book of Legacy Series is about a legendary book that is claimed by all races. A divine item that is said to save them from the clutches of the other. But, the item has been lost by the ages, and only a few now knows of its existence, as there is now only one race that rules them all. The victor of centuries of division.

Fendrael is part of this race that now rules in the upper layer of society. Not concerned about the lives of the others as their rule is unquestioned and eternal.

Living a normal, sheltered life, with his family, Fendrael is expected to be greater than the others, for his blood demands him to stand taller than the rest, even amongst his peers. It is the only life he’d known, and he have accepted it.

However, one fateful night, in the mist of darkness, everything changed. Things that made sense before suddenly didn’t; making him question everything he thought he knew about the world. Now, he seeks answers beyond the walls of his home town, beyond the restrictions of his social class, and into the world of the unknown. 

It is finally done! The first chapter is complete! Though I say this now, I’m sure I’ll make changes to it again in the future. But, as of now, I’m very happy with the results and I’m proud and excited to share this with you. The greatest challenge in writing a fantasy story, I’ve found, is the pacing; especially of the first chapter as you must present the main character and an entirely new world in an organic way. Anyway please enjoy the first in many chapters to come:

Please check it out under my projects, here.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Author’s Bio… I Got Nothing.

What do you write in a bio when you have no accomplishments? 

Christopher is a fiction novelist who writes in the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genre.

Like anyone who tries to better themselves, you often create expectations that you can never live up to. But one of these days, the author has to overcome these feelings of inadequacy and publish one of his many unfinished stories.

The short story/novelette/novel “Colony Sane” will be his moment of truth, for the iterations of his story has been many. Once a short story, now a novelette, and (maybe) in the future, a novel. Reworked and edited until the original idea almost bare no resemblance to the new.

When this story is done, work on the “Book of Legacy” series will resume and the great magnum opus of the author will be presented to the world.

If you want to know more, the Book of Legacy series is heavily inspired by Lord of the Rings Trilogy in terms of a group of people journeying through the land to end all evil. But instead of sticking to this fantasy trope, the main character has to question if the world is in danger at all. In doing so, he has to question the purpose of his journey and ask why he braves the world’s many dangers and risks the lives of his friends, if not, for no other reason, than to satisfy his own curiosity.


Buying a WordPress Theme

I was hesitant at first, buying something so unnecessary.

I mean, it is the content that is important, right?

Sure is!

But how do you make people read you content?

With a crappy ass website you cobbled together with some free assets?


The First impression is (unfortunately) everything, and I have to admit, it feels fantastic even though I spent 70 Euro on something like this. It feels professional. And if it feels professional to me, it feels professional to the readers.

But, what took me so long before I invested in my site, you migth ask?

Simple, I couldn’t decide what the site was going to be about.

Me or my stories?

Every author has an author’s site after all, why shouldn’t I?

But in the end, nobody cares about the creator, only the product. At least, not until they have created something that is already popular.

So my name is not going to be my brand, but my fantasy universe, “Book of Legacy

Book of Legacy has grown to be quite large over the year, to the point where I could probably make several books, novelettes and short stories from the concept. Which is exactly what I intend to do.

This site will be about the stories from this fantasy universe. And while it will also act as an author’s site, as well, it will only be secondary; mostly involving flash fiction, poetry and writing tips whenever inspiration strikes me.

In conclusion: Yes, you should invest in a proper theme, but only when you have decided exactly what you want from your site.

Not before.

New Appartement; New Job; No Writing

Hi everyone.

This about concludes the first volume of the Exodus Journal. I don’t know how long the story will be in the end, but I imagine it will be a sizeable short story when its done.

It has been an interesting experiment writing a story based on another story that I haven’t even finished yet (Book of Legacy) and even more so writing it in journal format, which provided me with its own complications.

To write it as a journal while at the same time entertain the reader was quite difficult and even though the story wasn’t as popular as my poetry, I noticed a sharp decline in viewership as I went along.

For instance, entry 4 and entry 5 of the Exodus Journal received 7-10 likes while the last two (entry 11 and 12) only got two each. It may be that those specific entries just got lucky and more readers just happened to notice it back then, but I’m still going to analyse them and see what made them more popular than the rest.

But, in the end, I write for myself, so the “like” and “views” ratio doesn’t bother me that much. Though, I would, of course, be thrilled if more people read and enjoyed what I wrote.

Another experiment was trying to keep a schedule, which no doubt gave me the reason to write these entries to begin with. I made sure to finish the entries one week in advance (e.i. four entries).

I was a bit disappointed about the lack of comments about the story, though. It is after all the best part about posting online, to interact and get critic about your work.

I said earlier that the low viewership didn’t affect me, it did give me inspiration for the “Confidence Lost” poetry series that I also posted once every week. It is a bit melodramatic, I have to admit, but it really reflected how I felt at the time. I wrote it all in one go too, in my bed, on my iPhone…

In any case, I will be taking a break from my schedule for a while because I have recently moved into a new apartment and I’ve also got a full-time job as a substitute teacher…

Yeah, the teacher situation is that bad in Sweden, where they employ unqualified personal full time.

I will still make posts every now and again, but not as frequently as before. The Exodus Journal will continue eventually, I just don’t know when.

Finding a balance between full-time employment and writing is also going to be challenging…

Thank you to all my readers and followers and I’ll see you at the next post!