Category: Poetry

Chilly Night Poem – Query

In the last story I made a lot of changes from the original to make sure it made sense, but now I’m curious, which one do you prefer? The last one, or, this one: Look through the midnight winter and the frost beyond your…

Chilly Night – Poetry Story

Through the darkness and the cold, the house creaked through the winter storm And on the driveway, in this winter’s night, a couple emerged Banging on the door, trying to get inside The door opened, without a sound Only their footsteps echoed through an…

Reflection – Poem

Fear touch those who fear fester Leave them be And they will someone else pester © Christopher Stamfors

Righteous – Poem

Stand tall Your hand is just Burry that hatchet into the temple crust Let the blood course over the sinners body God will forgive you if you his son embody © Christopher Stamfors

Unseen Shadows – Poem

Where am I heading, is a question often unseen The future is now And only a fool would attempt, to glean further than we perceive Yet we must try, at the hands of the judger For nothing is more important Than the approval, of…

Fantasy – Poem

On the run A boyhood lost His future uncertain And his past, an inferno Is he alone? In this world most frightened? Where danger lurk At every quirk Ney, for she leads him away To her home He was astray Adventure called their name…

A Writer’s Illusion – Poem

A writer is mad for the stories he tell Worlds and people he conjure up, What else can one say? They go through life, Looking dimly into the unknown What do they find, That no one else is shown? © Christopher Stamfors

Go Away – Poem

All walks of life, Has different roads to take One may go with the other And the other might go away © Christopher Stamfors

Raven’s Shriek – Poem

Pest, war and famine, emptied the streets The city echoed quietly Through the raven’s shriek Beaks black; now scarlet There was enough to go around Must devour quickly, before the rats come © Christopher Stamfors  

Fear Stricken – Poem

Face your fear Then turn away Don’t risk gazing At the icy cold That pierce your shame Escape, before it learns your name © Christopher Stamfors