Category: Poetry

Secrets of Old – Poem

In a cave lay hidden The secrets of old Our life drawn from its roots And our being grown from its trunks We are the mystics of nature Descendants of a singular emotion Stored deep within the mold But unity has embraced us We…

At the Brink of Memory – Poem

Rise to the challenge Our Kingdom still exist Return it to its former glory Before ​the acolyte finds the crucifix  Art by ChrisCold

Rejected by Society – Poem

  Interests should be few and far between Society demands But the world cannot be understood From one school of thought Or a single study But a multitude of ideas Shared and expressed through time In essence, We see the world through the eyes…

Demonic Justice – Poem

​ Demons entered our being Destroyed our minds But what we failed to realise Was destruction had a purpose With fear lies courage The demons are a godsend Art done by ChrisCold

Beastly Gnarls – Poem

​ Gnarled are the trunks That rips apart Fighting for our survival With fear in our hearts Art by: ChrisCold

Dead by Heart – Poem

Go deep inside your mind And let it be empty Find your own answers Your goal is set You know what needs to be done But something keeps you from doing it Vanity Doubt Laziness These are your enemy You battle them when you…

Peaks Below – Poem

In the deepest chasms At the highest peak Where neither here nor there Up or down I shall seek

Thorns of Anguish – Poem

Gates of fire In the midst of night Thorns of anguish Pierced through the acolyte Powered through fear Through pain His goal almost within reach I will meet you my lord In your molten reign

Crescent Light – Poem

Crescent light shine upon me Your way-ford light a reminder, of times ahead Your command the essence of my being Tell me what needs to be done and I shall perform Oh, crescent light, Of darkness And mischief Featured image drawn by ChrisCold

Chess With the Devil – Poem

At times of doubt we seek solace in others We fear the future And what may come next. Such is the demon that we all harbour in our mind. But do not fear or falter, Because the future is yours. When you best the…