Funny Looking on the Inside – Very Short Story 

Okay so writing regular posts wasn’t as easy as I expected, at least for the original purpose that I had for the blog. So I figured, why don’t I write short stories instead? you know, try to entertain! Because lets face it, nobody cares about my process and thoughts about writing when you haven’t published anything yet.

This will be a mini NanoWrimo where I start with a blank page and write whatever comes to mind. The only rule is that I am not allowed to write more than 500 words. So here it goes;

People used to always say that I was funny looking, something about my nose and the distance between my eyes. But as time went by, these comments became less and less common until they completely disappeared. I don’t know what happened in the time in between but it was great!

People began paying attention to what I said, taking me seriously. Even girls that I fancied didn’t, at the very least, ignore me, and would sometimes even respond and give me a friendly hello back. People say that it is what’s on the inside that counts. That may be true and all, but what good is a fine story if nobody reads it? That the outside counts just as much as the inside, is what I recon.

The question is, am I a good story or just a fancy book cover? I’ve done a few, downright despicable things in my life, and heavens forbid if they are ever found out. But it is not like I have killed anyone or anything, or stolen something for that matter. But… you now, we all make mistakes, don’t we?


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