I’m Incapabable of Envisioning the Future

I know it’s a strange thing to say coming from someone who prides himself for his imagination, but to speculate how technology will evolve over time is an impossibility, at least, in any original way. There’s going to be more sophisticated robots, for sure; there’s going to be holodecks, i.e. Star Trek – but those aren’t my ideas.

I don’t even think I can write a science-fantasy because the limitation in imagining something that seems plausible and would make sense. I’d rather imagine implausible things that make sense, if that makes sense?

What I mean is: it is implausible in our reality but makes sense in the one I created.

Post-apocalyptic worlds is a different matter, because they use technology that has already been, at least, they would be in my stories…

I came to this realisation after finishing the draft for my novel, which was going to be a sci-fi. But, the tech I envisioned was so outlandish that it might as well be magic. You know, something that doesn’t seem like tech but does things nobody understands.

Luckily, the transition between sci-fi and fantasy will be easy because of this. I’ll just have to revamp the backstory a bit to make it more appropriate for the theme.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been up to and I just figured I’d share my process.


Oh, also, I hope you have a great New Years and may you have a wonderful 2018!

The Necronomicon Consumed my Sanity

Some time ago, I bought a book called the “Necronomicon” it’s a collection weird tales from a weird author – H.P Lovecraft.

Lovecraft has a very unique style and endless imagination, which is the entire allure of his stories, but, I challenge you to explain to me exactly what’s going on half the time. His style of writing made it difficult to get into his stories, but what you need to understand about Lovecraft is that he wrote for himself and the only one who can fully understand his stories is he.

That doesn’t mean they are bad stories, for even if some sentences of fail to grasp you, you will be caught in his flow and submerge yourself in the dread he’s trying to convey, and that’s where he shines, to create real atmosphere of horror.

If found that my mind started to wander on other things while reading his tales, yet, I didn’t forget what I read. I came up with ideas for my own stories as if Lovecraft himself dug into my mind a surfaced them.

His work oozes inspiration.

But while you’re in that state, every once in a while, you’ll find yourself drawn back to his world, and then, nothing else exist. Your concentration is unparalleled and you can see the craftsmanship of each page, how he melds the real world with his mythos, real science with the supernatural.

His descriptions are vivid, though over excessive, at times. It is as if Lovecraft had visited these places himself, so detailed is his imagery, which is admirable. I, myself, prefer vague descriptions that allows me to use my own imagination, but as I said, he wrote the stories for himself, not anyone else. Perhaps he wanted to document what he’d really seen… He took inspirations from his own dreams, after all.

I’m ashamed to say, it took me about a year to go through his work. It began slow, but as I grew as a writer and a reader, the stories were consumed quicker and quicker until the last third of the book (which is 878 pages long) was consumed in a month.

I can’t recommend this book to everyone, but keep in mind that this is the first book that I ever bothered to write a review on, that’s how much of an impression it had on me. Pick it up if you are a avid read and if you yourself can imagine strange things, for if you cannot grasp the unknown, you’ll go mad with the imagery Lovecraft provide.

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About My Site

I’ve always pondered about life, about the choices we make, how society is run, how the world is; and I express these thoughts through poetry and stories. I cannot promise you answers, for the truth is highly personal, whether factually correct or not.

We see what we want to see, and that’s okay, for the world was imagined by someone. The world is a product of our imagination. We live like we do because someone imagined it. Why shouldn’t you be able to imagine your own life and see where it takes you? It’s all the same. Although, people will call you strange for doing so. We are in control of our lives and we can do what we want, is what I believe.

This is my truth and I hope you’ll find this to be yours as well.

In any case, I’m glad you stopped by, and if there are any questions you want to ask me or just want to say “hi”, feel free to do so on my social media pages on Twitter and Facebook or comment on any of my posts.

Secrets of Old – Poem

In a cave lay hidden

The secrets of old

Our life drawn from its roots

And our being grown from its trunks

We are the mystics of nature

Descendants of a singular emotion

Stored deep within the mold

But unity has embraced us

We no longer need to follow its creed

yet our hatred will never vain

As we grow into the hold


Art by ChrisCold

God of Truth – Very Short Story

Step by step he climbed the stone stairs that reached towards the heavens; blocks forged by an unknown maker – an unknown civilization – in the Latin American jungle. Taking a breath to rest, James marveled at the precision the blocks had been placed. Without cement, or anything else to bind the structure together, they have managed to build something to stand the test of time. It was truly doing more with less; creativity fueled by limitation.

How they were able to build such magnificent structures with simple stone tools was simply baffling. As he stroke the stone blocks that had turned green after centuries of neglect, James felt the sun’s warming rays on his neck as it rose above the trees.

It was another day, another opportunity to unearth the mysterious of this place. For so many years they’d believed the Aztecs and the Mayans were the creators of the pyramids, when in reality, there was another people predating them both – the architects of the entire Mesoamerican world.

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