Invisible Steps – Poem

Their steps can be heard all over the valley

A thumping noise that makes the ground tally

But only at full moon do they show, for they move in the darkness

Even the ground hides their stroll

Nobody had been hurt by their heavy steps

Nor was the forest in tatters

Its as if they does not exist

Perhaps it is the fantasy of the people in the unknown

For life is simple, imagination is what we’ve grown

© Christopher Stamfors

Troll Saga – Poem

In the time of ancients

The trolls strolled around

Walking distant miles

Trampling life abound

But one day,

beneath the trees,

animals began to grow

Inhabits of the forest

Affected by the trolls stroll


Kind were the minds of the giants

Not wanting to hurt the critters under their feet

Deciding to go back the lands of old

One troll stayed his feet


Unsure what to do

The troll had an idea

On the ground he would never be a bother

So he lay on his stomach

And he watched the critters play

On his back and on his nose

Nature grew around his frame


And after many years

His body disappeared

Nature was a part of him

And the creatures they cheered


Happy was the troll to see his friends play

Movement was secondary

In the critters bay


For eons the troll still stayed

His limbs grown to the ground

A mountain he became

This was a shortened version of a rhyme picture book I’m working on. I plan to publish it, or at least try to find a publisher, so you’ll gonna have to make due with the short version!