Time Is Tangible – Poem

Cherish the time before time

Time when nothing was remembered

When things were out of touch

Time is neither now nor later

Time is now

Yet it isn’t

Time is graspable

It is tangible

We can understand it

Learn from it

Base our decisions on it now

For we’ve all done this before

We know the source of happiness

Endless lives we have lived

Endless paths we have taken

We remember it

If only we choose to

But the memory is faint

In the matrix of the after life

Before and after time

Through space and between dimensions

Tap into the your knowledge

And you’ll know

When will we be able to Relax? Can we even Afford such Luxury? – Writer’s Journal

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How often do you feel that the hours of the day just isn’t enough? I feel you…but it is not like I waste my time or anything. Heck, I spend 7-8 hours a day writing when I am not working part-time as a substitute teacher.

So, why do I feel like the days aren’t enough, even if I spend my time wisely?

I am at that stage of early improvement, when the writing goes from horrendous, to bad; adequate, to good. But then someone brings you back to reality and you realise that you are still bad. But at the very least, you are not horrendous anymore, you have improved. But do you improve quick enough?

There is a battle against time when you are a writer. It takes so much time to become well enough at your craft, before anyone would even consider buying your work, or hire you for that matter. There is always a sense of urgency. I don’t know how it is to have a publishing contract, but I can imagine that that sense of urgency still lingers even then, it never goes away.

So should you punish yourself? Do you need to commit your entire being into writing? To cast away everything else that is you? Until the glorious day when you become validated as a writer? I don’t really know. All I know is that time is short, and I cannot let the time be wasted.

I will be able to relax… someday.