Scales of Fate – Poem

Time, what does it do to us?

Making us into strangers to our current selves

For the crossroads that we reach

And the decisions that we make

Is what defines us.

Are we weak?

Or are we strong?

That is what “they” want to know

“They” who creates our path

We, the subject to their whims

Pawns at their leisure

Or part of something bigger?


Whatever be the case, we may have more control than we realise

For whoever heard of great things coming to those who’d given up?

The universe favours those who become better than they once were

Therefore, mistakes are not something that happens

But are given to us as gifts so that we may prove our metal

Show that we are deserving of the things that we have

Of things to come

Hence, we look forward to the future at our darkest time

For the future is ahead of us

Dangerous and random

Nobody is safe from the scales of fate

As the future is equal to all

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