Digging for gold when there are gems in the sand

Stories, I can find them everywhere. In nature, in books, in people, in movies, in shows, in patterns in the sand, in sound, everything is a reminder of a story. Stories aren’t manufactured, I firmly believe, they are out there to be found and some part of me even believe they have existed at one point – in another time, on another dimension, perhaps? That’s the only explanation I have for them existing. Where do these words come from otherwise? Are they mere result of our brains conjuring them up from the impressions we’ve had over our lives? It doesn’t sound as sexy, that’s for sure and I am a romantic ❤

It has become bothersome, really, because I do want to explore all the discoveries that I’ve made but I fear I never will because they’re too many. I do write them down though, for safekeeping. After every finished story comes the impossible decision to choose which of the tales deserves to exist, in our presence anyway, because they do exist already, somewhere else.

It’s probably not smart, but I tend to pick those stories that are the least developed, those that are just mere ideas and concepts. One example is a story about a man being trapped on an island with a witch. That was all. Who is the witch? Who is the man? How did he end up there? What kind of world do they live in? Those are the questions I love to find out.

I’m not good enough to make this sort of work painless, however, but I will someday. The story that felt right from the start.

Buying a WordPress Theme

I was hesitant at first, buying something so unnecessary.

I mean, it is the content that is important, right?

Sure is!

But how do you make people read you content?

With a crappy ass website you cobbled together with some free assets?


The First impression is (unfortunately) everything, and I have to admit, it feels fantastic even though I spent 70 Euro on something like this. It feels professional. And if it feels professional to me, it feels professional to the readers.

But, what took me so long before I invested in my site, you migth ask?

Simple, I couldn’t decide what the site was going to be about.

Me or my stories?

Every author has an author’s site after all, why shouldn’t I?

But in the end, nobody cares about the creator, only the product. At least, not until they have created something that is already popular.

So my name is not going to be my brand, but my fantasy universe, “Book of Legacy

Book of Legacy has grown to be quite large over the year, to the point where I could probably make several books, novelettes and short stories from the concept. Which is exactly what I intend to do.

This site will be about the stories from this fantasy universe. And while it will also act as an author’s site, as well, it will only be secondary; mostly involving flash fiction, poetry and writing tips whenever inspiration strikes me.

In conclusion: Yes, you should invest in a proper theme, but only when you have decided exactly what you want from your site.

Not before.