Earnest Improvment

*This is another old post I made; June 2016 in fact. But it still rings true and I think it deserves to be shared ^^

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men; true nobility lies in being superior to your former self – Earnest Hemingway

I love this quote so much; self-improvement is to be better than you once were. To always challenge yourself, to try new things, to never do what’s easy, that is my creed.

You will never get anywhere if you’re content with your current skills or trying to measure yourself to others success. It is only what you can accomplish that matters because you are different from the person you look up to.

I hear sometimes people ask who you wish to be and they usually pick a celebrity. But that means you as a person is dead. You become this other person because you’d never had this person’s experiences while still retaining your own identity.

You can never emulate another person’s journey to success.

Those who seek Greatness

People are not created equal. Some born earlier than others, some with a head start to greatness. Such people can be found as they are the fast learners, the ones that knows certain things by heart. 

They have done this before, they know what needs to be done. And so, they move ahead of us, in death. When death comes, the mind doesn’t simply start over but gives such a person a head start in their new life, by which to find themselves.

This cycle repeats until, the fateful day, when all is clear and they are ready to take on the world stage. They have become what they were supposed to be. Having lived countless lives to find themselves. 

They became one of the few greats that will be remembered in history.

Paths Uncertain – Poem

Striving for your betterment

Without a goal in mind

Is that a sane thing to do?

To live by the moment

And not lookahead

Will my life come through?


What compels such a man?

When there is nothing over the horizon,

Only the next step after the other?

A true instinctual type,

Who makes no decisions on his own

And instead follows a path given to him

As if it was destined to be


I concede to the universe

And I accept whatever may come with a smile on my face

Such is the way of the universe

Offer it a smile and the universe smiles back.