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Reading books

There’s a general consensus that reading is good for you. That reading is boring is also a common held belief. Very contradicting if you think about it, but I guess books are like vegetables, you gotta eat ’em. Schools doesn’t help literatures case. Forcing… Continue Reading “Reading books”

Books are Spellbinding

It doesn’t matter what kind of of book, which genre it is in, books has a way of transfixing the mind, bringing it back to the present which is the greatest gift we have in these times of infinite distraction: Books pierce into the… Continue Reading “Books are Spellbinding”

It’s Finally Done!

In a world without dwarfs, orcs or elves, you will find a unique and sprawling fantasy universe filled with conflict, mystery and intrigue.  The book of Legacy Series is about a legendary book that is claimed by all races. A divine item that is… Continue Reading “It’s Finally Done!”

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