Reading books

There’s a general consensus that reading is good for you. That reading is boring is also a common held belief. Very contradicting if you think about it, but I guess books are like vegetables, you gotta eat ’em.

Schools doesn’t help literatures case. Forcing you to read a book you don’t like is never fun. But I can’t really hold this against schools because how else do you make children read when there are more readily available options? Parents have the ultimate responsibility, but I digress.

As an adult, there’s a point of pride having read a certain amount of books each year. That you need to read them whether you find them boring or no. I know I’ve fallen into this trap. It’s a task to be completed rather than something to be enjoyed. But does it have to be?  Lately, I never slug my way through books if it lost my interest. I skim through it, find the keynotes and sometimes the story draws me back again…

Like any writer, I’m easily bored and I have around five books that I read at the same time. Jumping between them whatever flights my fancy. Sometimes I find stories extremely predictable and sometimes still, my predictions are more entertaining than how it turned out! But I guess that’s the sickness of the writer.

I can do better.

In any case; you have no obligation to finish a story properly if it has lost your interest. You don’t get smarter by reading fiction, you really don’t. Some fictions can be very profound, but for those where reading is a chore, they never got anything out of the story anyhow.

Books are Spellbinding

It doesn’t matter what kind of of book, which genre it is in, books has a way of transfixing the mind, bringing it back to the present which is the greatest gift we have in these times of infinite distraction:

Books pierce into the depths of the mind, opening up another level of consciousness that we don’t understand – a mind free of distractions. Everything we do and everything we see and have done is bombarding our mind, constantly, but when we read, we have this moment of clarity, where we focus only on the words before us somehow opens up the floodgates that had been damned by everything else that concerns us. It is when we read that we are the most clear, when the mind wanders freely and we have our most profound thoughts. However, as soon as we put the book down, our train of thought is lost and we aren’t sure what we were thinking about to begin with. It is as if these thoughts are only meant for the clear, so abstract that they cannot be actualised in the distraction filled reality that we live in.

However, there are also those times when profound thoughts happen once we write. It doesn’t help mulling over everything as the mind is clear when we write. It forces us to focus on nothing but the words in our heads.

Perhaps the ancients were onto something, words are magic.


It’s Finally Done!

In a world without dwarfs, orcs or elves, you will find a unique and sprawling fantasy universe filled with conflict, mystery and intrigue. 

The book of Legacy Series is about a legendary book that is claimed by all races. A divine item that is said to save them from the clutches of the other. But, the item has been lost by the ages, and only a few now knows of its existence, as there is now only one race that rules them all. The victor of centuries of division.

Fendrael is part of this race that now rules in the upper layer of society. Not concerned about the lives of the others as their rule is unquestioned and eternal.

Living a normal, sheltered life, with his family, Fendrael is expected to be greater than the others, for his blood demands him to stand taller than the rest, even amongst his peers. It is the only life he’d known, and he have accepted it.

However, one fateful night, in the mist of darkness, everything changed. Things that made sense before suddenly didn’t; making him question everything he thought he knew about the world. Now, he seeks answers beyond the walls of his home town, beyond the restrictions of his social class, and into the world of the unknown. 

It is finally done! The first chapter is complete! Though I say this now, I’m sure I’ll make changes to it again in the future. But, as of now, I’m very happy with the results and I’m proud and excited to share this with you. The greatest challenge in writing a fantasy story, I’ve found, is the pacing; especially of the first chapter as you must present the main character and an entirely new world in an organic way. Anyway please enjoy the first in many chapters to come:

Please check it out under my projects, here.

Any feedback is appreciated.