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Fear Stricken – Poem

Face your fear Then turn away Don’t risk gazing At the icy cold That pierce your shame Escape, before it learns your name © Christopher Stamfors  

Love’s a Reminder – Poem

Love a thing,

maybe two.

Surround yourself with it

And let the love shine through

Of the things you must do

Restrictions – Poem

Life is often easier than it seem

Restrictions bound by minds

Who knows naught 

The rules in which that we see

Whether it’s song, picture or poetry, I cannot resist a good story.

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Bound by the Earth – Poem

Things are rarely as they seem A vail of decisions, Paths and alterations, Endless choices to choose from. But what you can always count on Is that it will always be there To help you through these crossroads What is it you might ask?… Continue Reading “Bound by the Earth – Poem”

The Mind is Boundless – Poem

Curse your prophesy Let me have uncertainty to enjoy Don’t give me responsibilities, At the hands of your prediction * My body is trapped in the now, This is true. but your mind is boundless And can see beyond anyone’s view

Restless Soul – Poem

Bones are that which keeps you here Turn to dust and your soul will yield Forgive this old fool For the mistakes he’ve made Leave me be and let the past fade  

Neat Little Paper – Poem

Writing, saves your thoughts on paper Giving room for new ideas to come to life But be aware Words are never fully expressed in the written form Limited by language Which your mind does not use

Dead by Heart – Poem

Go deep inside your mind And let it be empty Find your own answers Your goal is set You know what needs to be done But something keeps you from doing it Vanity Doubt Laziness These are your enemy You battle them when you… Continue Reading “Dead by Heart – Poem”

Peaks Below – Poem

In the deepest chasms At the highest peak Where neither here nor there Up or down I shall seek

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