Senses Lost to Modernity – Poem

If you’ve read my last poem, Boundless mind, this might make more sense to you.

As the mind is boundless,

And anything can become real,

Where do we draw the line between fantasy and reality?

Things that exists in one person’s head might be fantasy to another

But sometimes, fantasy becomes reality

When enough people believe in it.

Reality today is what we can see, touch and smell

And most of all, measure.

Yet, things cease to exist when we no longer believe it,

no longer fear it,

No longer feel it.

Those who seek Greatness

People are not created equal. Some born earlier than others, some with a head start to greatness. Such people can be found as they are the fast learners, the ones that knows certain things by heart. 

They have done this before, they know what needs to be done. And so, they move ahead of us, in death. When death comes, the mind doesn’t simply start over but gives such a person a head start in their new life, by which to find themselves.

This cycle repeats until, the fateful day, when all is clear and they are ready to take on the world stage. They have become what they were supposed to be. Having lived countless lives to find themselves. 

They became one of the few greats that will be remembered in history.

Alone I Stand and Alone I will Remain – Poem

With all my great capacity to imagine and convey the fantastic; why can’t I imagine someone sitting next to me? What she would be like; what she would look like?

Am I incapable of seeing another person in my life? Or perhaps that person doesn’t simply exist; the one to make me whole, the one to support me and always be by my side?

I’m destined to be alone for I’m an egoist. Not capable of love. Not capable of showing affection. Only when I change will that person materialize before me. Only then will I meet her, the one, the one destined for one another.

Don’t Listen to your Brain, Listen to your Stomach!

Are you sick of making decisions? To hesitate and carefully consider every action that you make?

I sure am.

It drains me – keeps me anxious about life

To always question, what if?

Then, I say to you: don’t listen to your brain; your stomach knows what to do – what you want.

So turn off your brain and let your stomach take you over.

No decisions made, just doing things that were obvious from the start.

It is like when I’m writing; because I tend to not reflect too much when I do. I simply let me subconscious do the work for me and I don’t question the result.

It is only when I actively think of what I’m writing that I hesitate.


Battle of the Lazy: What Should I be Doing Right Now? – Writer’s Journal

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I tell you, it’s a battle! Between doing nothing and doing something, but what that something is, isn’t always obvious…

What I have found when working at my parents home is that it is extremely important to distinguish between the space you relax and the space you work. Currently, I am sitting on a sofa by the TV. This is where I relax, take naps, watch movies, play games, and… yup, work.

I found this infuriating because your mind always drifts toward what’s easy. For some reason, you have to make a conscious decision to do something challenging. Even though it is extremely good for the brain and chemically rewarding, meaning your brain rewards you with happy feelings of accomplishments.

Which makes it even more perplexing…

Anyway, that is why it is important to separate between your relaxed space and your workspace because your body works best under routine. If the space your working in is associated with relaxation, then that is how your brain will interpret it and your energy and creativity simply vanishes!

Yet, somehow, your stomach knows what you are supposed to do. You can feel it squirm when you are doing something you shouldn’t, for me at least. The stomach is my intuition and it is in constant battle with the conscious part of your brain. (While the subconscious sits neutrally until it is needed)

So… get your space for working, and one just for relaxing; should improve your productivity.

How to Keep Yourself Inspired – Writer’s Journal

Why is it so hard to write all of a sudden?

Where has my creativity gone?

Is my mind sapped?

Do I need a refill?

I believe that a writer should never get in a situation where you have nothing to do but write and read. It is like incest to your brain, unable to absorb the reality of life and just the fiction of other people’s creations.

Though all artists steal, you should steal from your environment and your surroundings, not other people’s thoughts. Otherwise, your creativity becomes inbred, unable to make something that is truly your own.

When will we be able to Relax? Can we even Afford such Luxury? – Writer’s Journal

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How often do you feel that the hours of the day just isn’t enough? I feel you…but it is not like I waste my time or anything. Heck, I spend 7-8 hours a day writing when I am not working part-time as a substitute teacher.

So, why do I feel like the days aren’t enough, even if I spend my time wisely?

I am at that stage of early improvement, when the writing goes from horrendous, to bad; adequate, to good. But then someone brings you back to reality and you realise that you are still bad. But at the very least, you are not horrendous anymore, you have improved. But do you improve quick enough?

There is a battle against time when you are a writer. It takes so much time to become well enough at your craft, before anyone would even consider buying your work, or hire you for that matter. There is always a sense of urgency. I don’t know how it is to have a publishing contract, but I can imagine that that sense of urgency still lingers even then, it never goes away.

So should you punish yourself? Do you need to commit your entire being into writing? To cast away everything else that is you? Until the glorious day when you become validated as a writer? I don’t really know. All I know is that time is short, and I cannot let the time be wasted.

I will be able to relax… someday.

When is your Creative Optimum? – Writer’s Journal

“The best time to write is early in the morning” ever heard that before? Bullshit! I can be creative whenever I want!… or so I thought.

I have found that the writers muse is a very fickle thing. For instance, I have no problem writing a lot during the afternoon, or even late in the evening. But that is only true if I start writing early in the morning.

This became apparent to me after working part-time as a substitute teacher.

One day, after a day’s work (I came home around 4 or 5 pm) I just lazily sat around and browsed the web, watched some youtube videos. I couldn’t focus! I could not do any serious writing. At least, it took a while before my mind started to adjust towards doing creative work.

I believe, writing is like warming up before a jog. Your performance is a lot better if you do.

In other words; You can write for much longer if you start early.

But, ultimately, there are a lot more to it than that. I highly recommend reading this. It might help you find your creative optimum.


When do we become Good? – Writer’s Journal

The frustration runs deep in his mind, everything he touches turns into trash. “Just keep trying and everything will be alright” 

I would imagine that most writers asks why they write. Yes, why do we write when you are not good at it? What compels you to write when you make garbage after garbage?

It is a marathon. Running is tough, it is exhausting, but when you hit the finish line and win, that all goes away. But during the race you cannot stop running. You have to keep going, and so must writers keep writing; so that we may one day pass the finish line, and win. Become good.


Do we Write Characters or Real People? – Writer’s Journal

I read once that all characters that are written, have some small aspect of the writer in them.

Whether that may be the case or not, my characters certainly has some aspect of, or at least my idea of myself, in them. But I have also found that as the story progress, those personalities change, they grow, and so they grow away from my idea of myself.

Hemingway once said that; “when writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature.”

I don’t know, I’d like to believe that the people that I create grows on their own, as I create a scenario or a world for them to live in, they make their own choices based on the options that I give them. It is not I who choose who they become in the end, but I choose how their story begin.