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Restrictions – Poem

Life is often easier than it seem

Restrictions bound by minds

Who knows naught 

The rules in which that we see

Boundless Mind – Poem

Be weary of your mind, For it is boundless. Seeing across dimensions And through time It cannot distinguish what is real And what is not At least, not on its own I’ve always found that our minds are more capable than we give them… Continue Reading “Boundless Mind – Poem”

Neat Little Paper – Poem

Writing, saves your thoughts on paper Giving room for new ideas to come to life But be aware Words are never fully expressed in the written form Limited by language Which your mind does not use

You – Poem

Darkness surrounds you The silence and emptiness engulfs you Nobody can talk to you Nobody can touch you And you don’t mind For here, nothing can reach you Nothing can do you harm You go deeper Until your problems go away

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