The Beast Within – Poem

Reading is nourishment for the brain

Nourishment for the beast within

Run when the beast is freed

For the story I’m reading

Has the key to my soul

The poem was originally written in Swedish and I debated whether I should post it here or not. Most of my readers are English speakers, but quite a few are actually Swedish. In the end, I decided to make a separate blog whenever I have the inclination to post something in Swedish: Legendernas Bok

Bzzz – Poem

There, I can see it. It’s so close.

The queen will be happy once I gather–

Oh no… what’s this? I can’t get through.

But I can see it, I can smell it. It’s right there!

So why then–

Wait… what’s that shadow?

Golden Breath – Poem

Gold, gold is the elixir of life

Gold is what keeps me asleep at night

– Shame the one who may wake me-

My breath may be that of smouldering death

But my heart still burns strong on top of your homes wrecked

It’s my gold…. Leave it be