Scales of Fate – Poem

Time, what does it do to us?

Making us into strangers to our current selves

For the crossroads that we reach

And the decisions that we make

Is what defines us.

Are we weak?

Or are we strong?

That is what “they” want to know

“They” who creates our path

We, the subject to their whims

Pawns at their leisure

Or part of something bigger?


Whatever be the case, we may have more control than we realise

For whoever heard of great things coming to those who’d given up?

The universe favours those who become better than they once were

Therefore, mistakes are not something that happens

But are given to us as gifts so that we may prove our metal

Show that we are deserving of the things that we have

Of things to come

Hence, we look forward to the future at our darkest time

For the future is ahead of us

Dangerous and random

Nobody is safe from the scales of fate

As the future is equal to all

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Author’s Bio… I Got Nothing.

What do you write in a bio when you have no accomplishments? 

Christopher is a fiction novelist who writes in the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genre.

Like anyone who tries to better themselves, you often create expectations that you can never live up to. But one of these days, the author has to overcome these feelings of inadequacy and publish one of his many unfinished stories.

The short story/novelette/novel “Colony Sane” will be his moment of truth, for the iterations of his story has been many. Once a short story, now a novelette, and (maybe) in the future, a novel. Reworked and edited until the original idea almost bare no resemblance to the new.

When this story is done, work on the “Book of Legacy” series will resume and the great magnum opus of the author will be presented to the world.

If you want to know more, the Book of Legacy series is heavily inspired by Lord of the Rings Trilogy in terms of a group of people journeying through the land to end all evil. But instead of sticking to this fantasy trope, the main character has to question if the world is in danger at all. In doing so, he has to question the purpose of his journey and ask why he braves the world’s many dangers and risks the lives of his friends, if not, for no other reason, than to satisfy his own curiosity.


Don’t Listen to Your Brain; Listen to Your Stomach

Are you a conscious writer? Who planes out every word, every action and every dialogue before you start writing your story? I cannot do this. To lose the exploratory aspect of writing and surprise myself along the way.

But how can that be? How can one write without thinking? What force is it that makes us write and do something without thinking of what we are doing?

Don’t get me wrong, when the decision has already been made or the first draft has already been written, then it is time to consult your brain. But even then, only to a certain extent…

Whenever we do anything, whenever we carefully consider the implications of our actions and try to find the most efficient and logical solution to a problem, we hesitate. Because we know that it is entirely possible that the decision you are about to make will bring the worst possible outcome when unforeseen circumstances are at play. Simply put, you hesitate when you think, you start to doubt your actions and your own words.

But then there is this other force that does things for you without having to think about it. But the question is: can you trust it? Is our first instinct always right?

I would say yes; unless you have mental issues that is. If so, please, for the love of god, do the opposite of what you’re thinking!

… In any case, I, and many people call this the gut feeling, to trust your stomach rather than your brain. For in your brain, you harbour doubt, and there is no doubt in your stomach because it cannot comprehend such a concept. And if you allow it to guide you, it will make sure that you always make the right decision, always writes the most perfect “concept” of a sentence.

I say “concept of a sentence” because, like it or not, you will always need the brain to steer your fingers and your brain will never fully comprehend the powers of the gut, at least not right away. Hence, it will take many tries before you can fully express the idea that came to you, especially if you want others to share in your awesomeness.

I highly recommend that you read this article by Charlotte Seager if you want to learn more about conscious and sub-conscious writing.

Also, if you want to learn my thoughts about the most important ingredient in short stories, please read my article here

Confidence Lost: Part 2

Poetry Wednesday

A story long forgotten

Never read

Never understood

Where do the readers hide?

Those that would make the story whole

Validates its content

Validates its creator

And the message it tries to convey


Like a fungus,

a story needs a narrative connected

Brought together by the minds and fantasies of the reader

Existing not only on paper

But at a conscious level as well

Beyond the words of its creator

Beyond the language of the written word

And into the matrix that we call

The universe


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Nightmare Stories – Poem

Every night they haunted me

Stories that didn’t exist

Stories that I refused to make

That was trapped inside my mind

Only at night did their powers awaken


With control over my body,

they made me walk the night

Scream the night

Never giving me rest

Only when I finally wrote them into existence

Sealing them in ink and paper

Did they vanish from my dreams

Giving space for new ones

New stories to be made

Alone I Stand and Alone I will Remain – Poem

With all my great capacity to imagine and convey the fantastic; why can’t I imagine someone sitting next to me? What she would be like; what she would look like?

Am I incapable of seeing another person in my life? Or perhaps that person doesn’t simply exist; the one to make me whole, the one to support me and always be by my side?

I’m destined to be alone for I’m an egoist. Not capable of love. Not capable of showing affection. Only when I change will that person materialize before me. Only then will I meet her, the one, the one destined for one another.

Faith – Poem

Faith is a difficult word

A word but a few can truly claim to understand

For faith requires utter acceptance to that which we cannot see

That which we cannot touch


Someone with faith cannot waver to argument

Cannot be threatened with facts

People with faith do not have to prove to someone lacking thereof to validate one’s faith

Nor do the lacking thereof have to validate theirs


Faith is a beautiful thing for those that truly accepts it

A proclamation of love to the unknown

However, faith is often claimed by those that are the most uncertain

The most easily corrupt

Don’t Listen to your Brain, Listen to your Stomach!

Are you sick of making decisions? To hesitate and carefully consider every action that you make?

I sure am.

It drains me – keeps me anxious about life

To always question, what if?

Then, I say to you: don’t listen to your brain; your stomach knows what to do – what you want.

So turn off your brain and let your stomach take you over.

No decisions made, just doing things that were obvious from the start.

It is like when I’m writing; because I tend to not reflect too much when I do. I simply let me subconscious do the work for me and I don’t question the result.

It is only when I actively think of what I’m writing that I hesitate.


What to do with too Many Story Ideas – Writer’s Journal

I can imagine a great number of you has new story ideas on a daily basis, at least, if you are the kind of person that lets your mind wander every now and again. For me, that usually happens when I am out driving. But, it can happen when we do other mundane things as well, such as doing the dishes, showering, or whenever it is impossible to do anything else but the task at hand.

Anyhow, we all have untapped ideas for stories and sometimes it can feel overwhelming choosing which idea to proceed with.

I’ve read that you should let go of some of those ideas if you feel overwhelmed, but how do you choose which ones to let go off?

Obviously, you can’t turn all your ideas into novels, or even short stories. So whenever I get a new story idea, I make it into a flash fiction; a story no longer than a thousand words.

Doing this gives you something tangible from your idea, rather than just abandoning it.

It really doesn’t take that long to write a flash fiction, and anyone can do it, no matter how little time you may think you have.

When you’ve finished your flash fiction, you will know whether or not you will be able to expand the story even further. But even if you don’t, you will still have created something, something to be proud of.

Though I don’t agree with them all, there is some advice to be had here as well.