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Do I Know Best? – Satire

Parents know best, we all know this, for they have lived their lives, they know the mistakes and how to avoid them. So did their parents and their parents-parents. How could any child be so irresponsible to not cherish the wisdom and the path their… Continue Reading “Do I Know Best? – Satire”

Unseen Shadows – Poem

Where am I heading, is a question often unseen The future is now And only a fool would attempt, to glean further than we perceive Yet we must try, at the hands of the judger For nothing is more important Than the approval, of… Continue Reading “Unseen Shadows – Poem”

Go Away – Poem

All walks of life, Has different roads to take One may go with the other And the other might go away © Christopher Stamfors

Restrictions – Poem

Life is often easier than it seem

Restrictions bound by minds

Who knows naught 

The rules in which that we see

Only witches could be expected to follow such an outlandish creed!

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Senses Lost to Modernity – Poem

If you’ve read my last poem, Boundless mind, this might make more sense to you. As the mind is boundless, And anything can become real, Where do we draw the line between fantasy and reality? Things that exists in one person’s head might be fantasy to another… Continue Reading “Senses Lost to Modernity – Poem”

About My Site

I’ve always pondered about life, about the choices we make, how society is run, how the world is; and I express these thoughts through poetry and stories. I cannot promise you answers, for the truth is highly personal, whether factually correct or not. We… Continue Reading “About My Site”

Bound by the Earth – Poem

Things are rarely as they seem A vail of decisions, Paths and alterations, Endless choices to choose from. But what you can always count on Is that it will always be there To help you through these crossroads What is it you might ask?… Continue Reading “Bound by the Earth – Poem”

Time Is Tangible – Poem

Cherish the time before time Time when nothing was remembered When things were out of touch Time is neither now nor later Time is now Yet it isn’t Time is graspable It is tangible We can understand it Learn from it Base our decisions… Continue Reading “Time Is Tangible – Poem”

Myths – Poem

Myths are tales that which could never happen About people which feats could never be Yet we nourish these stories It reminds us of things that are possible When mere men ascend to godhood Peaking the interest of the deity And their wrath along… Continue Reading “Myths – Poem”

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