I am old

in my head

I’m old.

I like old things

things before my time

simple things


I have

any claim



I don’t complain about the new

I complain about what it does to me

I’m just a monkey head

with imagination

all you lose is a little time, but you’ll get it back, next time

They say what’s healthy

but they don’t know.

Eat right, eat less.

Don’t have too much

of one thing

that’s what I go by.

They don’t know

they try to know

I’m not their guinea pig.

Sometimes they know

and they lie

they are the biggest scum

for money

I feel well

because I think well

and I live well, well enough

for someone that’s figuring it out.

And even if I’m wrong

I’m not afraid of death

We go on and on and on…

until we come back to the beginning

and we start over, on and on and on

I don’t know which lap this is

but I learn

to listen

Do I Know Best? – Satire

Parents know best, we all know this, for they have lived their lives, they know the mistakes and how to avoid them. So did their parents and their parents-parents. How could any child be so irresponsible to not cherish the wisdom and the path their parents had set for them?

Why would anyone set out on a difficult journey to find a truth that had already been found? To seek that which have already been sought and discovered a thousand times over? Perhaps this time, the answer will be different? Perhaps I am special and my path is set elsewhere, were glory and wealth can be found!

Why would anyone seek such a goal when happiness is easily attained, already provided for you? For happiness is bliss! Not knowing that which you could have – not knowing what others have.

Are you willing to poison your mind for this quest where the ultimate end will be your downfall? Your distraught?!

Your happiness will fade and you’ll return home, knowing that you did not stack up to the world – that your parents path is all you can hope for.

And when you have children, will you tell them the truth? Of what you’d wished you had done? Or do you keep silent and hope that the next generation will reach that which you never obtained?

© Christopher Stamfors

Unseen Shadows – Poem

Where am I heading,

is a question often unseen

The future is now

And only a fool would attempt,

to glean further than we perceive

Yet we must try,

at the hands of the judger

For nothing is more important

Than the approval,

of the faith one muster

© Christopher Stamfors

Senses Lost to Modernity – Poem

If you’ve read my last poem, Boundless mind, this might make more sense to you.

As the mind is boundless,

And anything can become real,

Where do we draw the line between fantasy and reality?

Things that exists in one person’s head might be fantasy to another

But sometimes, fantasy becomes reality

When enough people believe in it.

Reality today is what we can see, touch and smell

And most of all, measure.

Yet, things cease to exist when we no longer believe it,

no longer fear it,

No longer feel it.

About My Site

I’ve always pondered about life, about the choices we make, how society is run, how the world is; and I express these thoughts through poetry and stories. I cannot promise you answers, for the truth is highly personal, whether factually correct or not.

We see what we want to see, and that’s okay, for the world was imagined by someone. The world is a product of our imagination. We live like we do because someone imagined it. Why shouldn’t you be able to imagine your own life and see where it takes you? It’s all the same. Although, people will call you strange for doing so. We are in control of our lives and we can do what we want, is what I believe.

This is my truth and I hope you’ll find this to be yours as well.

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