The path to writer

I never wanted to be a writer. I don’t think I ever wasted a thought on it at all while growing up, so why do I want to now? I never wrote anything substantial on my free time. I just played games and studied. At college I studied political science because I was curious, so I guess I wasn’t totally avert to reading and writing…

Life pushed me to become a writer.

At the last year of my Masters program I started having trouble sleeping. I’d be up all night thinking what I’d do after graduating. I didn’t want to be a teacher or do research, so what other options did I have?

I made a list what I could possibly do and writing was one of them, at least I wanted to give it a shot. After finishing my studies I spent 6 months in Cambodia as a volunteer. I saw this as buying time and I wrote a novel on my spare time. It was so easy, it was a hero’s journey with worldbuilding and everything and I ended up with a 100 000 word manuscript. That seemed to seal the deal; that’s what I was gonna do.

But when things come easy at first you get really disappointed when things get hard, which was the case from here on out. I worked hard to understand my craft and I have a pile of unfinished novels to prove it. I was under the delusion that I could finish them when I got better, but you can’t write a novel unless you try finish one, no matter how bad it end up.

I was way to ambitious too. Writing a novel is not gonna happen when you don’t have the skill to back it up. I don’t know how I managed to write my 100 000 word manuscript when I did. I haven’t returned to it yet, maybe it’s awful but finishing is an accomplishment also. What I had to do was start smaller. Flash fiction was the key, 1k words, and it took many years before I managed to work my way up to a 5-6000 manuscript.

I wasted a lot of time trying to write those novels only to abandon them…

I am now at around 20 000 words and I’m slowly climbing my way higher, grasping the complexity that is writing a novel. I’ll get there eventually and then I can finish my pile of failures and never look back.

Do I Know Best? – Satire

Parents know best, we all know this, for they have lived their lives, they know the mistakes and how to avoid them. So did their parents and their parents-parents. How could any child be so irresponsible to not cherish the wisdom and the path their parents had set for them?

Why would anyone set out on a difficult journey to find a truth that had already been found? To seek that which have already been sought and discovered a thousand times over? Perhaps this time, the answer will be different? Perhaps I am special and my path is set elsewhere, were glory and wealth can be found!

Why would anyone seek such a goal when happiness is easily attained, already provided for you? For happiness is bliss! Not knowing that which you could have – not knowing what others have.

Are you willing to poison your mind for this quest where the ultimate end will be your downfall? Your distraught?!

Your happiness will fade and you’ll return home, knowing that you did not stack up to the world – that your parents path is all you can hope for.

And when you have children, will you tell them the truth? Of what you’d wished you had done? Or do you keep silent and hope that the next generation will reach that which you never obtained?

© Christopher Stamfors