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Author’s Bio… I Got Nothing.

What do you write in a bio when you have no accomplishments?  Christopher is a fiction novelist who writes in the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genre. Like anyone who tries to better themselves, you often create expectations that you can never live up to.… Continue Reading “Author’s Bio… I Got Nothing.”

Level Up (Your Writing)

In my mind, improving your craft is the greatest virtue among creators. Whether you are struggling with your writing or whether you are talented, striving to become better is the single most important act a creator can make. Because, at the end of the… Continue Reading “Level Up (Your Writing)”

Be Proud of (Your Writing)

I think most writers has been in the position where they post a story and find that it is not getting the attention they desire. However, you shouldn’t despair, and here’s why: First of all, getting noticed takes time (unless you are insanely lucky… Continue Reading “Be Proud of (Your Writing)”

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