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“The Long Ships” – Translation

Earning ones upkeep is essential to write in peace, thus, I’ve been considering many professions. I’m dipping my toe into the translation business in the hopes that English is good enough to translate old Swedish prose (1940) into a comprehensible text. I hope you… Continue Reading ““The Long Ships” – Translation”

God of Truth – Very Short Story

Step by step he climbed the stone stairs that reached towards the heavens; blocks forged by an unknown maker – an unknown civilization – in the Latin American jungle. Taking a breath to rest, James marveled at the precision the blocks had been placed.… Continue Reading “God of Truth – Very Short Story”

Golden Horn – Poem

The clouds are bustling The night blast rustling, Sighs are breaking From Grave-hills quaking, The regions were under Thunder. Of the mighty and the daring, The ghosts there muster Stains of war bearing, In their eye star luster. Ye who blind are straying, And… Continue Reading “Golden Horn – Poem”

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