Don’t Listen to your Brain, Listen to your Stomach!

Are you sick of making decisions? To hesitate and carefully consider every action that you make?

I sure am.

It drains me – keeps me anxious about life

To always question, what if?

Then, I say to you: don’t listen to your brain; your stomach knows what to do – what you want.

So turn off your brain and let your stomach take you over.

No decisions made, just doing things that were obvious from the start.

It is like when I’m writing; because I tend to not reflect too much when I do. I simply let me subconscious do the work for me and I don’t question the result.

It is only when I actively think of what I’m writing that I hesitate.


Blissfully Unconcerned with the Future

All of us wonder what their place in the world is, what we need to become to be considered a member of society. I never had those thoughts, at least not until very late in my life. I lived a blissful life where I studied for interest, not towards a goal of becoming… somebody. I was already somebody, I was me. But then I realised that I had to become a version of me that was accepted by society.

I lived this blissful life until my last year in my master’s studies. And when the inevitable realisation came, that I had to prepare for my future, I panicked. What am I good at? what could I possibly do for a living while pursuing my passion? Do I even have a passion?

I went many sleepless night thinking about these questions , and at the time, I never really found an answer. What I should have realised back then was that my future was already decided in the off set. I enjoy solitude, I am weird, I come up with ideas, I day dream; yet becoming a writer never even crossed my mind, not as a serious profession at least.

It wasn’t until the very last semester, when me and my classmates were finishing up our thesis that it hit me. I love being creative, I love starting a projects, to have 100% creative freedom, and the satisfaction in finishing said project. And that was it really.

I should have probably consider my future a lot earlier, then I might have been a better writer by now. But then again, I wouldn’t have had this blissful past to reminisce on, I already had my fun, now is the time to get serious, and create.

What it comes down to, I think, is to always challenge yourself. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo and always try to learn new things, eventually you will find what you are good at.

A Writer’s Doubt – Writer’s Journal

I’ve read that once in awhile a writer comes across a piece of work that is so good that it completely devalues his/her own work to the degree that that they wonder why they are even trying.

I never thought this would happen to myself, and definitely not so shortly after I commended myself for a particular passage of my story that I was proud of; but alas, it happened.

When I find myself in self doubt, or in any other problem, I turn myself to the one true therapist, google. Here is what I found.

It is an article that explains that when you find your goals to be far away, or seem unattainable, the solution is to focus on the skills that you already have, to take everything step by step. There is no point in worrying about the steps that you cannot think of, that you cannot reach right now.

Basically, “you can only act with the resources that you already have.”