When the things you touched turned to garbage

It’s a happy time, and a difficult time, when the things you’ve written all turn to garbage. It means that you have leveled up. You see now what your critics has been talking about and it is time for you to become better.
You are not yet there, though. You see your flaws but you don’t know how to fix them. You need to accept that what you once were was nothing more than a stepping stone and you’ll have to power your way through your “garbage pile” to make it better.
Because of this, it is also a sad time. All your efforts seem wasted. All the carefully crafted sentences that you made with the best of your abilities seem pointless when they’ll soon be changed to something better.
But what is most difficult to swallow is the realisation that your book is further away from a finished product than you realised. Making you wonder if you’ll ever catch up to your own worst critic –  if it will ever be good enough to publish.