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Scales of Fate – Poem

Time, what does it do to us? Making us into strangers to our current selves For the crossroads that we reach And the decisions that we make Is what defines us. Are we weak? Or are we strong? That is what “they” want to… Continue Reading “Scales of Fate – Poem”

#3 Fate’s Hand – Poem

Part 3 (Finale) I am guided by… something An invisible hand that ushers me forward And when I listen to its advice I see happiness ahead But when I don’t When I choose a path astray Happiness is no longer with me Hence I… Continue Reading “#3 Fate’s Hand – Poem”

#2 Fate’s Hand – Poem

Part 2 No path is right All is wrong Make due with what is given, Or become blinded by your mistakes – Look ahead – Stand tall in the hands of misfortune It’s the only way to win In the game of life

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