Arts – Poem

Fingers crossed against his face.

Worlds colliding, in a dimly grace.

Here lie the things that was never seen.

A world without magic, that had never been.

Fearful of those graces which doesn’t make sense.

We search in vain for those moments

where the world become sane.

We hoped and hoped we would never fail.

Arts are never wrong for they are simply minds led astray.

© Christopher Stamfors

A Writer’s Illusion – Poem

A writer is mad for the stories he tell

Worlds and people he conjure up,

What else can one say?

They go through life,

Looking dimly into the unknown

What do they find,

That no one else is shown?

© Christopher Stamfors

Don’t Listen to Your Brain; Listen to Your Stomach

Are you a conscious writer? Who planes out every word, every action and every dialogue before you start writing your story? I cannot do this. To lose the exploratory aspect of writing and surprise myself along the way.

But how can that be? How can one write without thinking? What force is it that makes us write and do something without thinking of what we are doing?

Don’t get me wrong, when the decision has already been made or the first draft has already been written, then it is time to consult your brain. But even then, only to a certain extent…

Whenever we do anything, whenever we carefully consider the implications of our actions and try to find the most efficient and logical solution to a problem, we hesitate. Because we know that it is entirely possible that the decision you are about to make will bring the worst possible outcome when unforeseen circumstances are at play. Simply put, you hesitate when you think, you start to doubt your actions and your own words.

But then there is this other force that does things for you without having to think about it. But the question is: can you trust it? Is our first instinct always right?

I would say yes; unless you have mental issues that is. If so, please, for the love of god, do the opposite of what you’re thinking!

… In any case, I, and many people call this the gut feeling, to trust your stomach rather than your brain. For in your brain, you harbour doubt, and there is no doubt in your stomach because it cannot comprehend such a concept. And if you allow it to guide you, it will make sure that you always make the right decision, always writes the most perfect “concept” of a sentence.

I say “concept of a sentence” because, like it or not, you will always need the brain to steer your fingers and your brain will never fully comprehend the powers of the gut, at least not right away. Hence, it will take many tries before you can fully express the idea that came to you, especially if you want others to share in your awesomeness.

I highly recommend that you read this article by Charlotte Seager if you want to learn more about conscious and sub-conscious writing.

Also, if you want to learn my thoughts about the most important ingredient in short stories, please read my article here

What is Originality? – Poem

What is originality? but a copy of something already existing?

They say that no thought is truly original,

And always stem from something already seen

Already heard

Already existing


I believe nature was the first source to our creativity

To our imagination

Then it is no surprise why it took tens of thousands of years before our society evolved beyond animilasim

Nor is it any surprise in which rate our society evolves today

Battle of the Lazy: What Should I be Doing Right Now? – Writer’s Journal

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I tell you, it’s a battle! Between doing nothing and doing something, but what that something is, isn’t always obvious…

What I have found when working at my parents home is that it is extremely important to distinguish between the space you relax and the space you work. Currently, I am sitting on a sofa by the TV. This is where I relax, take naps, watch movies, play games, and… yup, work.

I found this infuriating because your mind always drifts toward what’s easy. For some reason, you have to make a conscious decision to do something challenging. Even though it is extremely good for the brain and chemically rewarding, meaning your brain rewards you with happy feelings of accomplishments.

Which makes it even more perplexing…

Anyway, that is why it is important to separate between your relaxed space and your workspace because your body works best under routine. If the space your working in is associated with relaxation, then that is how your brain will interpret it and your energy and creativity simply vanishes!

Yet, somehow, your stomach knows what you are supposed to do. You can feel it squirm when you are doing something you shouldn’t, for me at least. The stomach is my intuition and it is in constant battle with the conscious part of your brain. (While the subconscious sits neutrally until it is needed)

So… get your space for working, and one just for relaxing; should improve your productivity.

How to Keep Yourself Inspired – Writer’s Journal

Why is it so hard to write all of a sudden?

Where has my creativity gone?

Is my mind sapped?

Do I need a refill?

I believe that a writer should never get in a situation where you have nothing to do but write and read. It is like incest to your brain, unable to absorb the reality of life and just the fiction of other people’s creations.

Though all artists steal, you should steal from your environment and your surroundings, not other people’s thoughts. Otherwise, your creativity becomes inbred, unable to make something that is truly your own.