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Arts – Poem

Fingers crossed against his face. Worlds colliding, in a dimly grace. Here lie the things that was never seen. A world without magic, that had never been. Fearful of those graces which doesn’t make sense. We search in vain for those moments where the…

A Writer’s Illusion – Poem

A writer is mad for the stories he tell Worlds and people he conjure up, What else can one say? They go through life, Looking dimly into the unknown What do they find, That no one else is shown? © Christopher Stamfors

Love’s a Reminder – Poem

Love a thing,

maybe two.

Surround yourself with it

And let the love shine through

Of the things you must do

Restrictions – Poem

Life is often easier than it seem

Restrictions bound by minds

Who knows naught 

The rules in which that we see

Boundless Memories – Poem

Sleep is the bane of creation For who wants their memories properly stored? Give me chaos so that I can create My masterpiece is ready Greatness is ensured

Don’t Listen to Your Brain; Listen to Your Stomach

Are you a conscious writer? Who planes out every word, every action and every dialogue before you start writing your story? I cannot do this. To lose the exploratory aspect of writing and surprise myself along the way. But how can that be? How…

What is Originality? – Poem

What is originality? but a copy of something already existing? They say that no thought is truly original, And always stem from something already seen Already heard Already existing * I believe nature was the first source to our creativity To our imagination Then…

Battle of the Lazy: What Should I be Doing Right Now? – Writer’s Journal

I tell you, it’s a battle! Between doing nothing and doing something, but what that something is, isn’t always obvious… What I have found when working at my parents home is that it is extremely important to distinguish between the space you relax and…

Writers in the Morning – Poem

Writing before work is easy; writing after work is very difficult. How can this be? Is the brain unable to do creative work if you don’t start immediately in the morning? Mine certainly is. I need to get a night shift job.

How to Keep Yourself Inspired – Writer’s Journal

Why is it so hard to write all of a sudden? Where has my creativity gone? Is my mind sapped? Do I need a refill? I believe that a writer should never get in a situation where you have nothing to do but write…

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