Day 4: Horrid Creatures – Poem

A creature so horrid, so deformed, that it could not possibly exist in this world.

Yet, such a creature lay before me, still withering in its deathly spasms

Though its body was grotesque – its meat was plentiful

I had many reservations eating such a thing

Not only of its hideous appearance,

its rat-like tail and gruesome fangs,

And gruesome fangs,

but also for what it had devoured before its capture


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Day 3: Luminescent Plants – Poem

All natural light is gone,

Save for a speck of precious yellow glow in the distance

Streaking between the branches above

Yet, the forest is illuminated

Glowing in different shades of purple

Some in light blue

Like a cave

I do not dare to stare directly at these luminescent plants

Who knows what they are made of

What they are capable of


Read the short story the poetry is based on here