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Beastly Gnarls – Poem

​ Gnarled are the trunks That rips apart Fighting for our survival With fear in our hearts Art by: ChrisCold

Day 4: Horrid Creatures – Poem

A creature so horrid, so deformed, that it could not possibly exist in this world. Yet, such a creature lay before me, still withering in its deathly spasms Though its body was grotesque – its meat was plentiful I had many reservations eating such… Continue Reading “Day 4: Horrid Creatures – Poem”

Day 3: Luminescent Plants – Poem

All natural light is gone, Save for a speck of precious yellow glow in the distance Streaking between the branches above Yet, the forest is illuminated Glowing in different shades of purple Some in light blue Like a cave I do not dare to… Continue Reading “Day 3: Luminescent Plants – Poem”

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