When you learn how to write

When learning how to write, I didn’t do it the right way. I started with flowery words and I just wrote from the heart without knowing what made a story.
Though, honestly, that’s probably the only way to start because the basics are boring. It would be like school all over again and you’d drop the pen as fast as you picked it up because there’s no teacher yelling at your back.
In any case, because I lacked the basics I abandoned my stories because something stopped me from finishing, my heart wasn’t enough. I wrote several unfinished novels until I decided ‘enough was enough’ and I would finish a project no matter the outcome.
I did pretty good like this, I wrote a couple of bad short stories and I didn’t fret too much that they were bad because at least they were fun to write. And I would never return to them and ‘fix’ them because they are part of my journey and I wouldn’t want to hide it.
But, as I turn towards the basics of storytelling, I feel like my writing has become dull. I wrote simply, very simply, almost barebones, just so that I could finish something. Finishing rather than abandoning, until I understood the medium and my way of doing things.
I’ll continue to crank out bad stories until I have the confidence to write like I did before, without guides or rules, completely trusting myself and my abilities.
Ignorance is bliss, but unfortunately, I’m not ignorant anymore!