Book Of Legacy Trilogy

Book of Legacy Trilogy


In the north, the provinces rebel against the Empire, whose authority had declined over the century. But, to the south, a boy named Fendreal, lives blissfully unaware of the conflict in his privileged life as one of the noblest of his race. However, the changing times will soon affect him as well, as he is forced on a journey to explore the lands outside his secluded life and learn that his mother may be more than she claims to be.

Book One: The Carrier


The book of Legacy Series is about a legendary book that is claimed by all races. A divine item that is said to save them from the clutches of the other. But, the item has been lost by the ages, and only a few now knows of its existence, as there is now only one race that rules them all. The victor of centuries of division.

Fendrael is part of this race that now rules in the upper layer of society. Not concerned about the lives of the others as their rule is unquestioned and eternal.

Living a normal, sheltered life, with his family, Fendrael is expected to be greater than the others, for his blood demands him to stand taller than the rest, even amongst his peers. It is the only life he’d known, and he have accepted it.

However, one fateful night, in the mist of darkness, everything changed. Things that made sense before suddenly didn’t; making him question everything he thought he knew about the world. Now, he seeks answers beyond the walls of his home town, beyond the restrictions of his social class, and into the world of the unknown. 

I reserve the right to make changes to the story during its creation and I aim to publish it once it reaches its completion.

Chapter 1

(Chapter two coming in a few years… Maybe?)

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