The Journal Story

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Day One – First Step

I never believed I would survive thus far

Nor did I have any notion of surviving henceforth

For the vast purple gloom that stretched before us

And the horrors that had befallen us before

Seethed away my sanity

Yet, we pressed on

From sheer desperation

To utter despair

We pressed on

Day two – Land of Horrors

A few of us died today

Their faces twisted

Their skin bloated

One can only imagine the horrors they experienced before they drew their last breath

But I choose not to

Day three – Luminescent Plants

All natural light is gone,

Save for a speck of precious yellow glow in the distance

Streaking between the branches above

Yet, the forest is illuminated

Glowing in different shades of purple

Some in light blue

Like a cave

I do not dare to stare directly at these luminescent plants

For who knows what they are made of

What they are capable of

Day Four – Horrid Creatures

A creature so horrid, so deformed, that it could not possibly exist in this world.

Yet, such a creature lay before me, still withering in its deathly spasms

Though its body was grotesque – its meat was plentiful

I had many reservations eating such a thing

Not only because its hideous appearance,

its rat-like tail and gruesome fangs,

but also for what it had devoured before its capture

Day five – The Beacons of Light

It is unmistaken

The significance they have among our people

Though they are not of my kind

They are the strength that guides us

Keeps us together

The brother and the sister

The strength of Avos

Day six – Lord Avos

He is the creator of all that is good

And all that is evil

The caster of doubt

The Lord that cast us away


Though, in his infinite wisdom

Gave us a way to repent

Gave us strengths to survive


We are the children of Avos

The strength,

the mind

and soul of Avos

The manifest of his very being into our world


One day he will take us back

Back to his kingdom

When we have repented

When we have been judged worthy to stand by his side once more

At the eternal kingdom of light

Of happiness

And contempt.