Confidence Lost

Part 1

A story long forgotten

Never Read

Never understood

Where do the readers hide?

Those that would make the story whole

Validate its contents

Validate its creator

And the message it tries to convey?

Part 2

Like a fungus,

a story needs a narrative connected

Brought together by the minds and fantasies of the reader

Existing not only on paper

But at a conscious level as well

Beyond the words of its creator

Beyond the language of the written word

And into the matrix that we call

The universe

Part 3

Why is it only in distress

that motivates me to write poetry

Never in happiness

Never when the heart is content


It speaks volume of the mind of the writer

The mind of the human

And the mind of the reader

Who encourages such depressing behaviour

Part 4

I am but a humble writer

Always complimented

Never appreciated

Never understood

Never read


For such compliments are lies

Lies to hide the face of my incompetence

To hide my inability to convey the beautiful

The ugly

And the complex

Part 5

Writers claim to seek to understand human nature

But the only thing we can truly come understand is ourselves

Therefore, we are not writing for an audience

But to make sense of ourselves and its surroundings

No shit nobody reads what I write

For who care about me, but myself?

A sorry excuse of a writer

Dreaming of things big

Dreaming of things never to come

Part 6

Accept your lot

And grind away

Make good in society

And make a change

What is fiction but an escape?

A temporary window into something more exciting than us

Silly writer who believes he can stand above the rest and escape the monotony

Forever writing stories to forget the daily grind


Suffer like the rest of us

For you can never escape that which we call reality

We call fate