When will we be able to Relax? Can we even Afford such Luxury? – Writer’s Journal

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How often do you feel that the hours of the day just isn’t enough? I feel you…but it is not like I waste my time or anything. Heck, I spend 7-8 hours a day writing when I am not working part-time as a substitute teacher.

So, why do I feel like the days aren’t enough, even if I spend my time wisely?

I am at that stage of early improvement, when the writing goes from horrendous, to bad; adequate, to good. But then someone brings you back to reality and you realise that you are still bad. But at the very least, you are not horrendous anymore, you have improved. But do you improve quick enough?

There is a battle against time when you are a writer. It takes so much time to become well enough at your craft, before anyone would even consider buying your work, or hire you for that matter. There is always a sense of urgency. I don’t know how it is to have a publishing contract, but I can imagine that that sense of urgency still lingers even then, it never goes away.

So should you punish yourself? Do you need to commit your entire being into writing? To cast away everything else that is you? Until the glorious day when you become validated as a writer? I don’t really know. All I know is that time is short, and I cannot let the time be wasted.

I will be able to relax… someday.

When is your Creative Optimum? – Writer’s Journal

“The best time to write is early in the morning” ever heard that before? Bullshit! I can be creative whenever I want!… or so I thought.

I have found that the writers muse is a very fickle thing. For instance, I have no problem writing a lot during the afternoon, or even late in the evening. But that is only true if I start writing early in the morning.

This became apparent to me after working part-time as a substitute teacher.

One day, after a day’s work (I came home around 4 or 5 pm) I just lazily sat around and browsed the web, watched some youtube videos. I couldn’t focus! I could not do any serious writing. At least, it took a while before my mind started to adjust towards doing creative work.

I believe, writing is like warming up before a jog. Your performance is a lot better if you do.

In other words; You can write for much longer if you start early.

But, ultimately, there are a lot more to it than that. I highly recommend reading this. It might help you find your creative optimum.


A Lord Hated – Very Short Story 

Fame lent him no comfort as he sat in his study, watching the mob on the other side. Only a wall prevented them from amassing on his property. As he watched, he felt like a lord, a lord hated, and protected by the provision of god; for he is not like anyone else. He holds a power that no one else does… they will soon be aware.

A smile grew on his face as he reached down the drawer. The glow surrounded his hand and engulfed the object. But he knew what it was, and he knew that it would lead him to his destiny.


Haunted by the Ghosts of Stories Untold

For as long as I can remember I had trouble staying quiet at night, I screamed, I swore, and I shouted. I also sleepwalked, often aimlessly before I realised what I was doing. Sometimes I even physically tried to ward off enemies, punch them and/or take cover.

Whenever that happened my heart was pounding, I was genuinely scared, and took several minutes before my mind was able to collect itself and realise how preposterous it would be that an assassin  is out to kill me. For a while I considered that I had post traumatic stress disorder.

This went on for many years. However, I was calm and collected when I was awake. Perhaps I had anger issues that I suppressed?

In anycase that suddenly changed when I began writing and I believe I know why. People like us who always think, always dream, play out scenarios in our heads daily (some violent and some not so much); these thoughts gets stored in our subconsciousness and when we sleep they sprout out and grabs a hold of us!

I believe that that is why some people have restless nights. But when we begin to write those thoughts down, we receive an outlet. Think about it, when we write down our ideas on paper we can basically throw that idea out of our mind because it is stored somewhere other than in our head. Thus, our brains only has to format the mundane events that happens during everyday life, and presto! the nights are calm again.

Life Unwanted – Twitter Fiction Contest

Logitech has an interesting giveaway this week. The prices are okay, but the fun lie with writing a story in eight tweets or less.

Though I think eight tweets is a bit too generous, it is an good opportunity to write whatever comes to mind. This is my favourite process in writing, it is like exploring a new land; you will never know where your mind takes you.

Here is what I wrote for the contest;

Things never really goes as planned. Life is funny that way, yet you still appreciate the sincerity of it.

I don’t know what happens when we die,  but as life is forthright, then so too in death; I shall have no worries.

“Poetic… ngh,” there goes another one. I’ll be there soon… “I’m so sorry”

… I think I will write a comedy next time.

Link to the contest is over here!

Blissfully Unconcerned with the Future

All of us wonder what their place in the world is, what we need to become to be considered a member of society. I never had those thoughts, at least not until very late in my life. I lived a blissful life where I studied for interest, not towards a goal of becoming… somebody. I was already somebody, I was me. But then I realised that I had to become a version of me that was accepted by society.

I lived this blissful life until my last year in my master’s studies. And when the inevitable realisation came, that I had to prepare for my future, I panicked. What am I good at? what could I possibly do for a living while pursuing my passion? Do I even have a passion?

I went many sleepless night thinking about these questions , and at the time, I never really found an answer. What I should have realised back then was that my future was already decided in the off set. I enjoy solitude, I am weird, I come up with ideas, I day dream; yet becoming a writer never even crossed my mind, not as a serious profession at least.

It wasn’t until the very last semester, when me and my classmates were finishing up our thesis that it hit me. I love being creative, I love starting a projects, to have 100% creative freedom, and the satisfaction in finishing said project. And that was it really.

I should have probably consider my future a lot earlier, then I might have been a better writer by now. But then again, I wouldn’t have had this blissful past to reminisce on, I already had my fun, now is the time to get serious, and create.

What it comes down to, I think, is to always challenge yourself. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo and always try to learn new things, eventually you will find what you are good at.

A Writer’s Doubt – Writer’s Journal

I’ve read that once in awhile a writer comes across a piece of work that is so good that it completely devalues his/her own work to the degree that that they wonder why they are even trying.

I never thought this would happen to myself, and definitely not so shortly after I commended myself for a particular passage of my story that I was proud of; but alas, it happened.

When I find myself in self doubt, or in any other problem, I turn myself to the one true therapist, google. Here is what I found.


It is an article that explains that when you find your goals to be far away, or seem unattainable, the solution is to focus on the skills that you already have, to take everything step by step. There is no point in worrying about the steps that you cannot think of, that you cannot reach right now.

Basically, “you can only act with the resources that you already have.”

Writer’s block – Writer’s Journal

In these past few days, I have been in a rut, which may or may not be obvious from my previous post. I haven’t been able to write very well and I felt like I wrote nothing but garbage, it really was total garbage! In short I lost my muse.

But then I came up with an idea that really helped me and I want to share this so that it may help others as well.

While I was reading the lord of the rings, for the second time, I was in awe of how well Tolkien was able to write. I thought to myself, if I was able to write like him, my story would be incredible! Then it hit me, when I had trouble learning something in school, I copied the text, word for word, until I knew the answers by heart.

Perhaps if I copied a page from Tolkien I could learn how to write better too, basically ride the flow from one of the greats!

And guess what? it worked! not only was I able to get my flow back, I also received a ton of inspiration and wrote more than I planned on that day.

Hopefully, this will aid you when you get a writer’s block.

In the words of Ernest Hemingway, we truly are “(…) all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”


When do we become Good? – Writer’s Journal

The frustration runs deep in his mind, everything he touches turns into trash. “Just keep trying and everything will be alright” 

I would imagine that most writers asks why they write. Yes, why do we write when you are not good at it? What compels you to write when you make garbage after garbage?

It is a marathon. Running is tough, it is exhausting, but when you hit the finish line and win, that all goes away. But during the race you cannot stop running. You have to keep going, and so must writers keep writing; so that we may one day pass the finish line, and win. Become good.


Do we Write Characters or Real People? – Writer’s Journal

I read once that all characters that are written, have some small aspect of the writer in them.

Whether that may be the case or not, my characters certainly has some aspect of, or at least my idea of myself, in them. But I have also found that as the story progress, those personalities change, they grow, and so they grow away from my idea of myself.

Hemingway once said that; “when writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature.”

I don’t know, I’d like to believe that the people that I create grows on their own, as I create a scenario or a world for them to live in, they make their own choices based on the options that I give them. It is not I who choose who they become in the end, but I choose how their story begin.


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