what to do about my day

I feel bad about not making time for the things I’m supposed to do.

It’s not a lack of time that’s the problem it’s the other thing, human things, that is within my control

Hence I feel bad

I blame my environment but I’m lazy, I know this.

For some reason reading and writing is the easy thing to do when I got nothing else.

What makes my apartment suck up all of my energy?

I think my life is comfortable, too comfortable

Maybe I should quit my day job? That would put fire under my ass.

Why do I have to do it, though? Who cares if I waste my time anyway, is there something lost?

You live to create things, if you can. Everyone create something; a life, a reason to exist, an income, someone to hate, a reason to fight? a reason to love. What’s to say they are good or bad, they are all reasons to live.

What’s my reason other than feel joy? I can make people feel good around me but that’s no reason to exist. My writing is perhaps my reason. Maybe that’s why I don’t write all the time, because it’s just too important.

Nobody created anything worthwhile by being happy, it seems like.

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