Make it or die trying

I feel like I’m not putting enough effort into my writing because I have so much free time doing other things… I don’t have much going on in my life. I live alone in a small apartment in a small town working as a personal assistant for mentally handicapped people. I should be able to read and write a lot more than I do.

People say that you have to put your heart and soul into the things you do to get anywhere, that you must have a specific goal in mind and try to get there no matter what. But when can you step back and enjoy what you do? The goal of dancing is to dance, not to finish it, you know what I mean?

Sometimes I wonder if my goal is even to become a famous author. I certainly want to be able to support myself with what I do, but… I dunno. I’d say, go for a goal, but don’t break yourself getting there. Enjoy yourself along the way, that’s how I wanna do it. Although, there certainly are frustrating moments that make you wonder why you keep going, but then you write an awesome chapter and you remember why. It is for the thrill and the experience to create something for yourself, and hopefully, others will want to read it too.

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