Writers High

I often wondered why I write. If I write for myself, writing stories become quite easy because you only write for your own curiosity’s sake and most scenes happen in your head. However, for me, writing means change and when I try to write so that somebody else can understand me, the story take strange turns. There are also an inherent pleasure in polishing your work. Editing is fun, writing pretty sentences is exciting. So I guess I write because it is enjoyable.

Furthermore, everything that matters is challenging. Things doesn’t go according to plan and you solve problems. These moments might be stressful at first but they are also fun to overcome. I could never spend all my freetime turning off my brain, watching movies; shows. It has been running at high speed for too long. I’d become mute and docile and then you might as well be dead.

Speaking of media, it is very hard to keep my attention, these days. I suspect writing is much more exciting than watching and playing someone else’s work, although there are the exceptions, of course. Mostly those shows, movies, games and books that manages to spark my own imagination. I always write down ideas whenever I have those moments, good or bad. I dunno if I’ll ever return to those ideas but if I didn’t write them down, they would cease to exist and I like to believe they happen to me for a reason.

I don’t have a particular point with this post, I was just feeling especially happy today.

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