Trying to be Like Stephen King

I’ve read Stephen King’s book on writing a few times now. What he says makes a lot of sense, but there’s one thing that he and I are fundamentally different. 

He seems to be able to work out a story from the get go and then he cuts it down to make it readable to an audience. To me, it’s more like building the story up, like I slowly reveal my story, like a sketch, maybe?

I guess it depends on the idea. Sometimes it’s so very vague that I have to rewrite and rewrite until I have a foundation to go on. And even then I do a lot of rewrites. I don’t cut, I add, because what I write at the beginning is sparse already. 

Well I do cut, but just to replace it with something better. My process is inherently messy, it seems and I do my best to find a way to improve, which is why I look to other writers for inspiration.

Stephen Kings writing speaks to me. His style and wordings are great, but I do dislike his stories, they are god awful! Haha, the plot is so dumb, I swear…

Stephen King liken stories as finding a fossil and developing the tools so that you can uncover it without destroying it. I guess I’m that way too, I find stories and I never plot. I just start writing and see what the characters are up to. The story is there and it’s my job to find it.

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