Figuring out the writing process Part 2

I belive you use different parts of your brain (or at least have different mindsets) depending on which phase of the story you’re writing. For instance, the drafting phase seem more open, like watching the landscape from afar… I dunno how to explain it. You are more open to ideas and you think of the story as a whole.

Ideally, you then take your story to the next phase, which is much like the first, only you look a bit deeper into what’s happening. Meaning you don’t skip scenes, add dialogue and descriptions. You zoom in on the landscape, basically.

The plot is still subject to change, but hopefully if you were throughout, there are no major changes.

Afterwards, there’s the editing phase, which is the easiest part if you did everything right. The heavy lifting is done and the foundation is complete, now you can concern yourself with sounding good for the readers, working on one sentence at the time. You zoom in very close.

This is of course if everything goes according to plan, which they never do so there will be bumps on the road, but hopefully you have the tools to handle the changes professionally.

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