Creative VACUUM

When I first moved into my small studio apartment I was on top of the world! I wrote everyday for hours. Having an apartment was exciting, but as of late, writing have become a chore, and I suspect my environment is part of the problem. I have a big TV and a computer and I use them everyday. Though I can rarely sit through movies and TV-shows I can play games for hours on end. Not for 6 hours straight, but maybe 2 or 3? I read a lot too, but no more than half an hour – an hour at the time. Anyway, my home have become my relax space and I feel like I’d be more productive in a shed at this point… And, you know, I can’t really get rid of all my things, can I?

Perhaps I can go outside and write? Writing in a cafe is what writers do, right? So I took the train to the city with my computer and a book, just in case. I tried to write on the train, but the announcer at every stop was incredibly distracting… Somehow, the monotone voice just takes over my mind as if it’s out to get me. It’s not natural, after all, why shouldn’t be vary of it?

Anyway, I had some brunch at a cozy place on a busy street and then I tried writing again. Surprisingly, I did really well. 

I didn’t mind the chatter, it’s easier for me to get lost in the story if I have something to tune out. But maybe there was something more about writing in public? Perhaps the pretentious side of me awoke and I felt important, perhaps the was the energy of the city… regardless, what I was doing felt important. 

All the work I’ve done at home is stories that nobody reads and at some point, it started to feel pointless. The apartment had become my bastion of failure, or maybe it’s just distracting? A creative Vacuum in anycase.

Perhaps change of scenery is what I needed to get the spirit into writing again.

PS: the new WordPress editor… I don’t like different!

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