To the End, from the Beginning, and Back Again.

*I wrote this a while back but it still holds true. I’m glad that I’m getting closer to understand my own process.

When I write a fantasy story, I start with a concept and go by instinct. Everything unfolds as I put words on paper, but while I work on the first draft, I have to ignore contradictions (that may arise along the way) because I don’t have a clear grasp what the story is about yet. Just plow through it until the draft is finished.

When that’s done, I go back to the beginning, and I mean from the very beginning, a creation story. From there I did what I did before and let the story unfold itself and fill in the blanks of the first draft.

But, often it’s not as simple as that. I’ll find more contradictions that I need correcting and I find that I have to go back again and correct it from the start.

That’s how the process is: I write until something need correcting and I start all over again, polishing it until it all makes sense.

This makes it very difficult to write fantasy as I need to go back to the beginning of time for each story, unless I make several stories from the same universe. I understand why people borrow heavily from Ronald Tolkien when they make their own fantasy story and why people write urban fantasy.

I haven’t tried yet, but it feels like I could finish and polish a story set in the real world in a fraction of the time than if it was set in a fantasy world.

2 thoughts on “To the End, from the Beginning, and Back Again.

  1. The last bit you wrote really resonated with me. Most of my writing is trapped within rigid technical frameworks for clients… but whenever I write for my own pleasure, it feels extremely easy and liberating!


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