Let the Story Happen

For those that write on intuition, do you sometimes find it difficult to continue writing on certain parts? Like you hit a wall when before words flowed like water? I often wondered why that is. It’s not like I hit the dreaded middle point or anything, it’s too early, or too late for that to happen.
I personally think it’s because that certain parts are not supposed to be. If you’ve written parts of the story already, chances are that you have a plot in your mind and you try to make the characters reach those points. For planners, or whatever they are called, I call them planners, that’s perfectly fine, but for those that rely on intuition, that is how a story die.
I recently read Stephen King’s book On Writing and he says that plot just happen. I have to agree. You cannot force your characters to do anything, at least I can’t – they struggle…
I have tried a lot of ways to write but I think the way I find most enjoyment from writing is when I let go. I clear my mind and make it a point to never use anything I’ve already written. I will rewrite the story over and over until the characters stop struggling.
I don’t know if this will produce particularly good stories. There are many things one must consider when making a story, but if it flows easily and doesn’t resist, I think that’s a good foundation to expand on.

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