I’m Incapabable of Envisioning the Future

I know it’s a strange thing to say coming from someone who prides himself for his imagination, but to speculate how technology will evolve over time is an impossibility, at least, in any original way. There’s going to be more sophisticated robots, for sure; there’s going to be holodecks, i.e. Star Trek – but those aren’t my ideas.

I don’t even think I can write a science-fantasy because the limitation in imagining something that seems plausible and would make sense. I’d rather imagine implausible things that make sense, if that makes sense?

What I mean is: it is implausible in our reality but makes sense in the one I created.

Post-apocalyptic worlds is a different matter, because they use technology that has already been, at least, they would be in my stories…

I came to this realisation after finishing the draft for my novel, which was going to be a sci-fi. But, the tech I envisioned was so outlandish that it might as well be magic. You know, something that doesn’t seem like tech but does things nobody understands.

Luckily, the transition between sci-fi and fantasy will be easy because of this. I’ll just have to revamp the backstory a bit to make it more appropriate for the theme.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been up to and I just figured I’d share my process.


Oh, also, I hope you have a great New Years and may you have a wonderful 2018!

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