I’m Back!

To anyone who cares, sorry for having been away for a while. I’ve been in a mental drought lately and I think I know why.

Whenever I wrote a story it was often without a strategy or a plan and I just dove right into it. In other words, I didn’t know what I was doing.

But after some reflection and research, I found there are two essential things one should consider before beginning your story; (1) You need a clear backstory to develop your character’s motives and; (2) you need to have a clear problem which your protagonist want to solve from the beginning. In essence, if your beginnings don’t make sense your endings won’t either.

So, knowing this, I developed my own approach; (1) when I get the idea I write a very rough draft with as few details as possible and; (2) then I ask myself the why, what and how questions to create substance; (3) Then I edit and rework the story until I’m satisfied.

Having this structure and strategy have been immensely helpful to lean on and I feel that I can start working on my projects again. Hence, I’ll finish a story that has been incomplete for a looong time, the sci-fi story, “Colony Sane”.

Because of my now found focus, however, there won’t be as much poetry posted here as it used to, but I’ll definitely continuing posting some once in a while.

Again, to anyone who cares, thank you for sticking by and I promise to fill this site with quality writing once again.

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