Humans Can Do Anything

Today we have every tool imaginable to do virtually anything. All the resources we can think of to accomplish greatness. That is why we now reach towards the stars, the ultimate frontier.

“We do it not because it is easy, but because it is hard”


The same can be said of the ancients. They, with their limits in knowledge and tools, accomplish great feats that still baffles scientists today. We are unable to comprehend their iniquity because the ancients had to work within their limitations. We cannot phantom how they performed brain surgery in bronze age England or how they were able to constructed pyramids with mere stone tools in Latin America; because we are unable to think outside the things we take for granted. Something that took them hundreds or thousands of years to develop, to refine, until they were able to do the things we can do in weeks. Given enough time, humans can do almost anything.

And when we are unable to comprehend, we give credit to aliens, to giants, to gods, because surely, there is limitation to what humans can do?

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