Don’t Worry, Just Write – Poem

Who cares about the time you’re wasting

When it is time wasted in writing

You try to be efficient and write as much as you can

But efficiency is not a word a creative should use

Because there are no short cuts to perfection

Yet, hesitation is your greatest enemy

That which will swallow most of your time undone

You hesitate because you do not want to waste time

Yet you waste it when you hesitate

Therefore, effecinecy is your enemy

When your strive for that which is impossible


Think of your imagination as your playground

And just have fun

Don’t worry

Just write

Lose yourself in your mind’s palace and explore

Improve and develop

What comes after will be something special

5 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, Just Write – Poem

  1. For the sake of discussion, I should add that I’m on day 115 of writing 750 words of fiction every day, and I can say with absolute certainty that this project is completely changing my life. Instead of exhausting or depleting my energy or creativity, this project has absolutely enhanced it. It has affirmed for me that wherever the hell my ideas come from, there’re a LOT of’m there. And my more serious, more expanded writing projects have really benefitted from the daily exercise that my prose muscles are getting. I’ve seen more development in my writing in the last 115 days than I saw in all the previous years combined.

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    1. That’s awesome! As long as you write because you have something meaningful to write about and not because you need to fill an arbitrary word count, then that is fantastic.

      Keep in mind it takes time to craft a story. I need to revise my stories many times before I feel comfortable posting them. And even then I found things to correct afterwards.


      1. Yes sir. Part of my mission with my site is to hone what Ernest Hemingway called the “bullshit detector” and to help others hone theirs. Check out my home page for more information.

        And yes, I’m amazed that day after day, I have something to write about.



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