New Appartement; New Job; No Writing

Hi everyone.

This about concludes the first volume of the Exodus Journal. I don’t know how long the story will be in the end, but I imagine it will be a sizeable short story when its done.

It has been an interesting experiment writing a story based on another story that I haven’t even finished yet (Book of Legacy) and even more so writing it in journal format, which provided me with its own complications.

To write it as a journal while at the same time entertain the reader was quite difficult and even though the story wasn’t as popular as my poetry, I noticed a sharp decline in viewership as I went along.

For instance, entry 4 and entry 5 of the Exodus Journal received 7-10 likes while the last two (entry 11 and 12) only got two each. It may be that those specific entries just got lucky and more readers just happened to notice it back then, but I’m still going to analyse them and see what made them more popular than the rest.

But, in the end, I write for myself, so the “like” and “views” ratio doesn’t bother me that much. Though, I would, of course, be thrilled if more people read and enjoyed what I wrote.

Another experiment was trying to keep a schedule, which no doubt gave me the reason to write these entries to begin with. I made sure to finish the entries one week in advance (e.i. four entries).

I was a bit disappointed about the lack of comments about the story, though. It is after all the best part about posting online, to interact and get critic about your work.

I said earlier that the low viewership didn’t affect me, it did give me inspiration for the “Confidence Lost” poetry series that I also posted once every week. It is a bit melodramatic, I have to admit, but it really reflected how I felt at the time. I wrote it all in one go too, in my bed, on my iPhone…

In any case, I will be taking a break from my schedule for a while because I have recently moved into a new apartment and I’ve also got a full-time job as a substitute teacher…

Yeah, the teacher situation is that bad in Sweden, where they employ unqualified personal full time.

I will still make posts every now and again, but not as frequently as before. The Exodus Journal will continue eventually, I just don’t know when.

Finding a balance between full-time employment and writing is also going to be challenging…

Thank you to all my readers and followers and I’ll see you at the next post!

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