A Fictional Journal Written in Poetic Verse – Writer’s Update

Poems are usually inspired by what you observe, or the emotions that you feel, from real life. But I have discovered, for a while now, that you can create beautiful poems from your imagination, as well. My fantasy world, for instance, is rich in conflict and varied in environments, so I figured I’d create fictional poems about the Universe of ‘The Book of Legacy’.

I experimented at first with regular poems, but it gradually developed into a hybrid between a fictional journal and fiction poetry. Basically, it was a journal written in poetic verse.

I put it up on writingforums.com and people seemed to like it. But they found it hard to read more than a few verses at the time, for such is the nature of poetry, to be read and absorbed one at the time. So, I decided to make it entirely into a fictional journal about an important event from the lore of ‘The book of Legacy’. An event that happened long before the era that my novel takes place in.

However, I very much like my poems, so while I’m polishing the short story journal, I will post some of the verses that are as vague as I could make them – so to not spoil anything.

I purposely left out key facts to add to the mystery and the intrigue of the story, but some things will be explained in the fictional journal once it’s finished – but not everything. I want to leave room for the readers to imagine themselves what really happened without making it confusing and convoluted.

Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy my little experiment and I would appreciate any feedback along the way.

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