Battle of the Lazy: What Should I be Doing Right Now? – Writer’s Journal

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I tell you, it’s a battle! Between doing nothing and doing something, but what that something is, isn’t always obvious…

What I have found when working at my parents home is that it is extremely important to distinguish between the space you relax and the space you work. Currently, I am sitting on a sofa by the TV. This is where I relax, take naps, watch movies, play games, and… yup, work.

I found this infuriating because your mind always drifts toward what’s easy. For some reason, you have to make a conscious decision to do something challenging. Even though it is extremely good for the brain and chemically rewarding, meaning your brain rewards you with happy feelings of accomplishments.

Which makes it even more perplexing…

Anyway, that is why it is important to separate between your relaxed space and your workspace because your body works best under routine. If the space your working in is associated with relaxation, then that is how your brain will interpret it and your energy and creativity simply vanishes!

Yet, somehow, your stomach knows what you are supposed to do. You can feel it squirm when you are doing something you shouldn’t, for me at least. The stomach is my intuition and it is in constant battle with the conscious part of your brain. (While the subconscious sits neutrally until it is needed)

So… get your space for working, and one just for relaxing; should improve your productivity.

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