Life Unwanted – Twitter Fiction Contest

Logitech has an interesting giveaway this week. The prices are okay, but the fun lie with writing a story in eight tweets or less.

Though I think eight tweets is a bit too generous, it is an good opportunity to write whatever comes to mind. This is my favourite process in writing, it is like exploring a new land; you will never know where your mind takes you.

Here is what I wrote for the contest;

Things never really goes as planned. Life is funny that way, yet you still appreciate the sincerity of it.

I don’t know what happens when we die,  but as life is forthright, then so too in death; I shall have no worries.

“Poetic… ngh,” there goes another one. I’ll be there soon… “I’m so sorry”

… I think I will write a comedy next time.

Link to the contest is over here!

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